Previewing the 2018 Augusta Greenjackets

Heliot Ramos, photo courtesy of

Hey guys, Happy New Year, and welcome to the 2018 Sally team preview series, I’m excited to get these going again.  This is my 3rd year of doing the previews, they make for a great off-season project and I learn a ton from them.

Today I’ll be looking at the 2018 Augusta Greenjackets, the single-A full season affiliate of the San Francisco Giants.  Augusta is expecting to debut a new stadium in 2018.  And I’m planning to make my 1st ever trip down there to explore the new digs.  Can’t wait.

For those not familiar with the series: I scour the rookie levels of each organization and speculate on who might be coming to the Sally in 2018 and whenever possible I try to include a scouting report.   New for this year, I’ll also be interviewing some of my favorite prospectors to find out who they’re most excited about coming out of rookie ball.  Both the high end players and some sleepers to watch for.  I’m looking forward to collaborating with some talented people. Some that I know fairly well and others that I’m just a fan of there work.

Doing things a bit different with this preview.  Instead of one guest, there’s three.  Big thanks to Avi Watters (on Twitter @giantsprospects),  Darryl Zero (on Twitter @Darryl_Zero) and Roger Munter (on Twitter @rog61).  For dropping by and helping out on this preview.  These are three of my favorite Twitter follows, I enjoy there banter on all things Giants.  Including a ton of prospect talk.  They do most of heavy lifting on  this piece.  They’re good dudes and they know the system very well.  It’s an honor to have them all here.

At Notes From The Sally it’s all about live look scouting, once I see the Greenjackets you can expect write ups on many of the players listed.  Good chance I’ll be seeing Augusta opening weekend in Columbia but there’s plenty of time to get into all of that.


Lets meet the notables



Heliot Ramos, photo courtesy of Baseball Census ( (On Twitter @baseballcensus)

CF)  Heliot Ramos-  Age 18, listed 6’2″ 185 lbs, bats and throws right.   He was drafted 19th overall in the 2017 draft out of High School in Puerto Rico.



Jacob Gonzalez, photo courtesy of

3B) Jacob Gonzalez-  Age 19, listed 6’3″ 190 lbs, bats and throws right.  He was drafted in the 2nd round of the 2017 draft out of High School in Scottsdale, AZ.



Seth Corry, photo courtesy of

LHP) Seth Corry- Age 19, listed 6’2″ 195 lbs, bats and throws left.  He was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2017 draft out of High School in Highland, UT (Salt Lake City Metro)



Garrett Cave, photo courtesy of

RHP) Garrett Cave, Age 21, listed 6’4″ 200 lbs, bats and throws right.  He was drafted in the 4th round out of the Univ of Tampa.



Jason Bahr, photo courtesy of

RHP) Jason Bahr, Turns 23 in February, listed 6’5″ 190 lbs, bats and throws right.  He was drafted in the 5th round of the 2017 draft out of the Univ of Central Florida (Orlando).



Camilo Doval, photo courtesy of

RHP) Camilo Doval- Age 20, listed 6’2″ 185 lbs, bats and throws right.  He was signed out of the Dominican Republic in 2015.



Aaron Bond, photo courtesy of

CF) Aaron Bond-  Turns 21 in February, listed 6’5″ 195 lbs, bats left and throws right.  He was drafted in the 12th round of the 2017 draft out of San Jacinto College (Houston, TX).



Ricardo Genoves, photo courtesy of Baseball Census ( and on Twitter @BaseballCensus)

C) Ricardo Genoves-  Age 18, listed 6’2″ 190 lbs, bats and throws right.  He was signed out of Venezuela in 2015.



Now here’s Avi, Darryl and Roger answering my 1/2 dozen questions.  And they also give there best guess for the 2018, Greenjackets roster.


Worth noting the Giants had a change in leadership, David Bell replaced Dick Tidrow as the man who hands out the league assignments.  These guys were all kind of flying blind on there predictions because there’s no tendencies to look at.


Question #1   CF) Heliot Ramos has seen his stock soar post draft. Does he have a chance to stick up the middle defensively and what kind of offensive ceiling are we talking about?


Avi  “Ramos has the raw tools (60 speed) and instincts to stick in CF, but he’s still just 18 years old, so it is hard to project how his body will fill out. He already is pretty big, I can see him getting into the 220 lbs range, which would hit the outer limits of him being able to be viable in CF. I think a realistic outcome is something like .280/.340/.510, I’m a bit more down on his hit tool than others, I think his ceiling is .320/.370/.580 type hitter with power to all fields. There is an element of concern with K% in rookie ball, but not overly worried about it, but something to keep an eye on next season.”


Roger  “Just 18, it sounds like it will be all about how the lower half develops/thickens. Similarly that will have an effect on where his speed ultimately grades out. But for right now there’s no obvious tools/skills issue that’s pushing him to corners. And fortunately he has arm for RF if that’s necessary (and CF speed is extremely useful in AT&T). There’s a long way to go with seeing how contact, pitch recog etc go, but the way he impacts a baseball I would say he could end up w an elite bat, someone performing in the 150 wRC+ sort of range hopefully, which means you’re talking in the .280/.400/.500+ sort of tier hitter with the speed to do some base swiping in his younger years too. Because I grew up on Mays and Bobby Bonds I have strong 30/30 hopes!”


Darryl  “Ramos can stick in CF if he can stay close to his present build/looseness & not thicken/tighten up as he ages. He’ll be only 18 yrs old for the entire 2018 minor league season, so he’s still got some physical growth left. I’d guess that he’s more likely to end up in RF (odds = 60/40). His offensive ceiling is likely as a .280/.350/.540 slasher with 30-35 HRs per yr. He’ll need to improve his patience & pitch recognition to reach that, but the raw. & in-game, plus power is already there – very impressive for his age & relative lack of high-quality competitive experience.”




Question #2  3B) Jacob Gonzalez was chosen by the Giants 58th overall. Do you see 3B being his long term home and does he have the type of bat to excel at the position.


Roger  “On Gonzalez, it was certainly hard to find scouts who believed he stick there this summer. I do tend to believe (as John Manual has said for years) that the defensive side of the game is where you can see players really improve themselves with instruction and work in pro ball. Does that mean he could stick there. His size and bad reports make me dubious but I think withholding judgement a couple years is warranted. He has some similarities physically to a couple others they’ve kept there the last few years (Ryder Jones, Jonah Arenado) with limited success. If he’s ultimately a R-R, 1b then the bat has to develop to something like it’s best case to really provide value. He brings an advanced approach for a HS kid and you heard some good scouting reports both before and after the draft on the hitting adjustments he’d made his senior year so there’s hopes for an impact corner bat there certainly. Just have to see how it develops.”


Darryl  “I’m not as high on Gonzo as many. I don’t see him having the hands & quick actions to stick at 3B, though he’s a very hard worker so he has a chance to mold himself into a slightly below avg defender there with a bit of luck. He was very old for his high school class, turning 19 just 2 weeks after he was drafted, so I chalk up some of his “advanced hitting” scouting descriptors to the fact that he was generally playing against much younger & less physically mature competition in HS & in his first pro season in rookie league ball. He also has had the added advantage of being around the game & good coaching from a very young age due to his dad being a long-term major league star. Gonzo eerily reminds me of another recent 2nd round high school 3B the Giants drafted – Ryder Jones back in 2013. Both were very old for their HS classes; both had the advantage of being around the game & getting high-level coaching because of their fathers (Jones’s dad was a long-time college coach); both were well below avg runners; & both had issues with their defense at 3B in their debut pro seasons. Jones didn’t/doesn’t have Gonzo’s abv avg hit tool, but then Gonzo doesn’t have Jones’s plus raw power or his plus arm. I do think he has an above avg hit tool & knowledge of the strike zone, but I don’t think he’s ever going to develop anything more than avg power in his career. I can’t see that working at 1B, so if he can’t improve his D at 3B, he’s looking at a LF/DH future in the majors, at best. Regardless of his long-term outlook, & barring a ST injury, Gonzo is virtually guaranteed to be the starting 3B for Augusta on opening day.”


Avi  “Gonzalez, to me, doesn’t have the athleticism or hands to be a 3B long-term, but he’ll get to play there in the minors for as long as possible. He could make strides there, but it looks like he’ll be a 1B at some point. His lack of foot speed at this age likely means he can’t play the OF in any capacity. RHH 1B might have the highest offensive requirement in the majors, Gonzalez has the hit tool, the eye, and the swing to meet it. His power is more raw than in-game right now, but no reason he can’t tap into it. The SAL will be a good test of that. He’s older than most of his high school class, something to keep in mind.”




Question #3 Pitchers Seth Corry, Garrett Cave and Jason Bahr were all selected in the first 5 rounds. What are there repertoires? Any potential impact starters or relievers in the group?



Darryl Corry, a LH out of a Utah high school has the size (6’2″, 195), velo (up to 94 mph) & stuff (tailing FB/fringe-plus CU/developing CH) to be an impact SP (#2/3), but needs a lot of work on his mechanics, on repeating his delivery & on the mental aspects of pitching. IMO, he’ll need at least 4 more yrs in the minors before he’s ready. He is a very good athlete & has a projectable frame that should allow him to gain mass & strength & increase his velo over the next 3-4 yrs. I don’t expect Corry to start out in Augusta or, if he does, I don’t think he’ll last more than 8 weeks b4 being sent back to Extended ST.  Cave, the RH college redshirt sophomore, also has an impact SP ceiling (#3/4), but is more likely to end up a late-innings RP. He has big arm-strength (a 93-97 mph FB), a fringe-plus curve, & an inconsistent/seldom-used changeup, but poor control & inability to repeat his mechanics makes his stuff play down as a starting pitcher. IMO, the Giants will keep him as a starter to begin 2018 with Augusta & keep him there for all of 2018 as long as they see progress & hope in that role. But if, & when, they switch him to the pen he could move quickly to the majors.  Bahr, the RH college redshirt junior, had a somewhat troubled college career at Univ Central Florida. He earned a spot on the team as a walk-on in 2015, but was then was cut from the team a few months before the 2016 season started. Bahr sat out 2016 then got offered a spot back on the team for 2017 when a new head coach took over the program. He thrived as mainly a reliever in ’17 & then went to the NWL afer signing with SF & put up solid stats as mostly a starter. Bahr doesn’t have Cave’s plus velo, but he does have abv avg swing-&-miss stuff (2017 college K/9=14.1, NWL K/9=9.8) & he has much better command & control of his 91-95 mph FB & his secondary offerings. I think SF will keep Bahr as a starter to begin 2018 with Augusta, but by next year, if not at some point in 2018, he’ll be a late-innings relief specialist where his velo & repertoire really play up.”


Avi  Their repertories have been well covered above. I think Bahr will go to SJ, he did fine in Salem, and is a high college pick without control issues, which is usually a combination for a SJ assignment. He has decent stuff, and enough athleticism to project above average command. Cave: I think there is a lot to like with him, but he needs some mechanical adjustments, I like his clean arm action, but his lower half is kind of a mess and affects his control, as seen in Salem. I think his assignment is very dependent on how he looks in spring training. If the adjustments made can stick, I think he’ll go to SJ, if not, Augusta. Corry: The components of an interesting prospect are there, but needs to work a lot to make them use able. He has to get his body stronger, be more focused on the mound. He needs reps against good competition, which he largely did not have in Utah. I think he’ll get an Augusta assignment, but not too confident about it.


Question #4   Any draftees selected after the 5th round, catch your eye post draft?


Darryl- Bryce Johnson, the Sam Houston State spark-plug, was a steal in the 6th round, IMO. I saw him play in person during the Regionals at Florida State in June. He’s smart & speedy and can be an abv avg OBP, base-stealer & CF defender in the majors in 2.5-4 yrs. He’s a great pick-up for a Giants’ system lacking that type of asset. He should move fast through the lower minors, start 2018 in the Cal League & not spend anytime with Augusta.



Avi-  RHP Aaron Phillips:  9th rd, Small school kid, stuff isn’t eye popping, but I think he’s not done maximizing his body and arm. Decent stint in Salem, I think he’ll be in the Augusta rotation.



Avi- CF Aaron Bond: 12th rd, The jewel of the non top picks so far, showing 70 speed, above average raw power, hand-eye coordination, plus bat speed, projection build, just starting to play CF (unlikely to play a ton there if Ramos is on the team with him).


Darryl-  CF Aaron Bond:  Drafted out of 1 of the premier JuCo programs in the nation after his sophomore season, Bond is raw & relatively inexperienced, but he’s a fast-twitch, athlete with abv avg power & a lot of upside who may be able to stick in CF in the future – raising his profile quite a bit. He excelled in the AZL in his pro debut in ’17 (.306/.368/.565/.933, with 8 HRs in only 163 PAs). Too bad he’s a LH hitter, because the Giants need RH power in the org. I expect Bond will be a starter in the corner OF for Augusta to begin the ’18 season.


Roger-  Aaron Bond:   Aaron Bond is an interesting later round pick. Part of a powerhouse San Jacinto JC team that had four players drafted last year and others high on draft boards who committed to college. BA had an interesting note on Bond that he worked his way into steady play in the second half of the year after many area scouts had came and went on covering the team. Good athlete w interesting collection of tools, Bond could well be a part of Augusta’s OF picture during 2018.



AVI- SS Orlando Garcia: 15th rd, Pre-draft reports indicated he could stick in SS for some time, but he played mostly 2B in Salem. Some pop with patience, good build.


Roger-  SS Orlando Garcia:  Texas Tech SS Orlando Garcia combines SS actions with decent pop




Roger-  Other late round picks of interest include  RHP’s John Russell (rd 16) and Franklin Van Gurp (rd 25) who both put up big swing and miss numbers in low level debuts.




Avi- LHP Joey Marciano: rd 36, Late pick, high 80s fastball with a plus curve. There is more velo in that arm, needs to get in shape, good clean delivery.


Darryl-  LHP Joey Marciano:  Marciano was a rare find in the 36th round for the Giants – a college senior with abv avg upside. The large (6’5″, 250+) lefty is surprisingly athletic & nimble for a guy his size. He has avg velo on his FB (89-91), but it plays up due to his size, extension & the contrast with his knee-buckling, 2-plane, upper-70s, plus curveball. He also has a mid-80s change that is only avg. I think Marciano will begin the ’18 season in the Augusta pen, but he can be used anywhere from a LOOGY role to long-relief to spot starter.




Avi- OF Logan Baldwin:  rd 21, Good build, very good in CF, decent bat to ball ability, interesting guy.


Darryl-  OF Logan Baldwin:  A tweener OFer from Georgia Southern Univ., Baldwin was the most surprisingly good performer of all the Giants’ post-10th round draftees in ’17. He posted only avg stats as a 3-yr starter in college, so his .342/.395/.473/.868 slash during his 50 game debut in the short-season A, Northwest League (a hitter-friendly league) came as a pleasant surprise. He was 1 of the most productive hitter in the league for about half their season. As I noted, he’s a tweener – not quite good enough defender to stick in CF & not enough power to profile well in a corner OF position. If he wasn’t a LH thrower, I’d suggest the Giants would be looking to move him to 2B or 3B. Still, if he can continue to hit for average he could make a place for himself as a #4/5 outfielder in the majors. I see Baldwin being the #3 or #4 OFer for Augusta to begin the ’18 season.


Roger- OF Logan Baldwin:  21st round speedster Logan Baldwin out of GA Southern who had tremendous short season debut (quite possibly similar career path to someone like Shawn Payne who had tremendous Sally league performance before wiping out at higher levels).




Question #5   Who are the top Latin players to watch for coming out of the AZL or Salem-Keizer?


Roger-  Two big RH arms who should show up in Augusta that interest me are Jose Marte and Camilo Doval. Marte got the advanced assignment last year and struggled to hold his own against advanced hitters but when he got to finish the season against AZL hitters in post-season he dominated them. Could see something like Melvin Adon from him: struggling in short season ball and showing signs of improvement in Sally with a big arm. Camilo Doval stayed in rookie league last year and had big success in a swingman role, mostly throwing multi-inning stints. Both can run it up pretty high with live fastballs and working on the secondaries. I would assume Manny Geraldo will get yet another shot at Sally this year after two straight strong NWL campaigns. Good multi-spot infield glove with athleticism, has struggled to hit in Sally. Guys from last year’s AZL team who could conceivably get pushed at some point include glove first Catcher Ricardo Genoves, sparkplug Nicaraguan CF Ismael Munguia and Diego Rincones who is something like a Sandro Fabian sort — rangy corner OF with bat to ball skills, good instincts, but not eye-popping athleticism and some questions on power potential.


Darryl-   C) Ricardo Genoves-  He had trouble hitting during his 2nd pro season (his 1st in the USA) in the AZL, but his defense & receiving skills are well abv avg & more than good enough for the Sally. Look for him to be the starting catcher for Augusta in April. He signed for $500K out of Venezuela & was a battery-mate of Boston’s former flame-throwing pitching phenom, Anderson Espinoza, as an amateur – so teams know he can handle elite velocity & stuff.


SS) Manuel Geraldo-  This would be his 3rd shot, in as many seasons, at sticking with Augusta. Geraldo was woefully overmatched vs. Sally pitching in 2016 & ’17 – posting an OPS=.381 (43 games) & .478 (30 games), respectively. This is the make-or-break season for the former highly-paid, highly-regarded glove-first Dominican IFA (~$700K signing bonus in 2013) who has somewhat disappointed with his glove in the pros.


RHP) Camilo Doval-  Inconsistent, a bit frail, & inexperienced, but he can throw his FB 94-97 mph & has a freakish low-90s hybrid cut-FB/splitter pitch with plus movement that scouts were raving about over the summer. He also has an inconsistent 82-84 mph slider that flashes abv avg. Doval was a late-blooming, 17-yr old Dominican IFA signee back in 2015 who has spent his first 2 pro seasons pitching sparingly (54 innings) out of the bullpen in the DSL & AZL. He posted a K/9=10 in the DSL & =14.2 this season in the AZL. I think he’ll begin 2018 with Augusta, with an equal chance to be in the starting rotation or bullpen.


RHP) Miguel Figueroa-  Figueroa has a similar age, height, signing story & 2 year pro career as his countryman, Doval, but he’s more consistent & more polished. Figueroa doesn’t throw as fast as Doval, but his secondary stuff is consistently better. Figueroa has a very projectable frame (6’2″, 165) & doesn’t turn 20 until mid-August, so there’s plenty of time for him to add muscle mass, get stronger & add velo. I think he’ll start 2018 in Augusta’s bullpen.


RHP) Gregory Santos-  One of the 2 RHPs that the Giants got from the BoSox in July’s Eduardo Nunez trade (sorry, John, but I think SF clearly won that trade). Santos will be 18 until the final days of the 2018 minor league season. He signed as a 16-yr old Dominican IFA back in 2015 & has pitched his first 2 pro seasons in the DSL – almost entirely as a starter. He’s listed at 6’2″, 190 lb., but he’s likely heavier than that now. He has an abv avg FB (92-96 mph) that he gets well abv avg downward plane & sink on & can control down in the zone; an abv avg slider that flashes plus at times; & an advanced feel for pitching. It’s a bit of a longshot, but Santos could end up on Augusta’s pitching staff to begin 2018 if he shows well in ST.


Avi –   RHP Camilo Doval: Very good stuff and he’s just starting to harness it. Mid to upper 90s FB, plus cutter, decent slider/splitter, slinging arm action points to pen.


RHP Jose Marte: Starter build, mid-90s FB with cut, and above average CB. Pen future due to command issues, but interesting guy.


RHP Julio Benitez: Low 90’s  2seam FB with some feel, OK CB and CH, decent build. Very likely to be in Augusta IMO.


RHP Alejandro De La Rosa: Older guy, has some feel, will probably do well against A ball hitters.


RHP Weilly Yan: 93-97 FB with life, control issues his whole career. Good build


RHP Jesus Tona: Converted catcher, FB up to 95 with some SL feel.


RHP Gregory Santos: Got him in the Nunez trade, unlikely to be in Augusta, but very interesting guy. Mid 90s FB and holds it deep into games, with a plus SL. Good build.


SS Manuel Geraldo: Would be third year in Augusta, has struggled to hit there in the past. Very good SS, with a strong arm.


OF Gustavo Cabrera: His story is well known, he’ll probably be back in Augusta.


OF Jose Layer: Injured quite a bit, but has shown talent, there was an attempt to convert him to SS last spring, lets see if they try that again.


C Ricardo Genoves: Advanced defensively, elite arm, needs work on hitting.


OF Ismael Munguia: Very small guy, good speed, has hit everywhere, surprising amount of pop, guy who will be a fan favorite with how he plays. Might only move up to Salem.


OF Diego Rincones: He can hit, but everything else is unimpressive, soft body. Needs to put in work off the field.



Question #6   Sleepers? Maybe a player or two who excel at one particular tool (plus raw power or speed)?


Darryl:   Ismael Munguia (CF): An undersized (5’10”, 160) Nicaraguan who spent all of the 2017 season (his 2nd as a pro & 1st in the USA) producing good stats in the AZ Rookie League. Munguia has no power & not much strength, but he’s a super-quick, speedy, gritty, gamer that all minor league coaches love to have on their team. With so many more highly-rated speedy CFers vying for a spot on Augusta’s opening day roster, Munguia is unlikely to make the team unless the Giants experience multiple injuries during spring training.


Alexander Canario (RF): Surprisingly dominated in the DSL as 1 of the youngest players in the league (turned 17 only 27 days before the season started), even though he was a lightly-regarded IFA who only got a puny $60K signing bonus. Canario showed surprising power for a skinny kid (6’1″, 165) – posting an isoP=.170 with 5 HRs in 274 PAs. Lot of excitement surrounding this kid with the very projectable frame, who doesn’t turn 18 until May. I don’t think Canario will make it to Augusta in 2018, but if he produces as much in ST as he did in the DSL the Giants just might feel they have to challenge him with an aggressive full season league assignment.


Franklin Labour (RF): Like Canario, Labour was a lightly-regarded Dominican (signed for only $70K the year before Canario signed) IFA signee. He is the same height as Canario, but, at 190 lb., not nearly as projectable a frame. Labour had a disappointing pro debut in the DSL in 2016 (OPS=.637) & the Giants made him repeat it in 2017. Labour really put things all together in his 2nd go-round (.317/.412/.495/.906 with 5 HRs in 221 PAs) & was the Giants most consistently good/productive hitter during the 2nd half of the DSL season.



Roger-  Malique Ziegler is one of fastest players in system and some reports like his swing. Feel for hitting and physicality remain big questions but he should be big part of Greenjackets OF mix this year. Jose Layer is OF picked out of Puerto Rico a couple years ago. Very interesting athlete but has struggled to stay on the field in first two years. And two guys from last year’s DSL team who could conceivably be in line for advanced jumps, pitcher Gregory Santos, obtained in Eduardo Nunez trade and OF Alexander Canario. Santos combined premium stuff with big ground ball numbers in DSL. Could be very exciting find down the line. Canario was youngest player in system last year but ended up offensive star of DSL team. Likely spends summer in Scottsdale



Avi-  OF Alexander Canario: Very impressive debut, showed power, speed, durability, strike zone judgment, DSL All-Star Game MVP, very young even when compared to level. Was the youngest player invited to fall instrux. Power projection with speed in RF. OF Malique Ziegler: Great speed and instincts in CF, some bat to ball ability. C Jeffry Parra: 7 arm LHP Mac Marshall: Plus velo as a lefty.


And here each of them give there best guess on what the opening day roster might look like.



  1. Augusta projected roster:

    C Rob Calabrese

    1B Ryan Kirby

    2B Orlando Garcia

    SS Manuel Geraldo

    3B Jacob Gonzalez

    LF Aaron Bond

    CF Heliot Ramos

    RF Malique Ziegler

    DH Logan Baldwin

    (Bench bats)  C Will Albertson INF Shane Matheny INF Tyler Brown OF Gustavo Cabrera OF Jacob Heyward

    SP Garrett Cave

    SP Logan Webb

    SP Aaron Phillips

    SP Mac Marshall

    Also SP’s John Gavin, Jose Marte

    and RP

    Camilo Doval,

    Alejandro De La Rosa,

    Joey Marciano,

    John Russell,

    Peter Lannoo,

    Julio Benitez

    Franklin Van Gurp.

    There are a ton of similar RP, so the bullpen could end up looking completely different:

    Bartlett, Duprey, Figueroa, Rohloff, Rubio, Jacknewitz, Schimpf, Timmins, Koziol, Still, Gettman (Great Stuff) Yan, Melo, R. Hernandez, Rivera.

Darryl-  C: Ricardo Genoves

1B: Ryan Kirby

2B: Jose Rivero

3B: Jacob Gonzalez

SS: Manuel Geraldo

LF: Aaron Bond

CF: Heliot Ramos

RF: Malique Ziegler

DH: Logan Baldwin

Bench: Rob Calabrese (C/1B), Jacob Heyward (OF), Shane Metheny (3B/2B).

SP1: Logan Webb

SP2: Stetson Woods

SP3: Garrett Cave

SP4: Mac Marshall

SP5: John Gavin

SP6: Camilo Doval

RP1: Jason Bahr

RP2: Aaron Phillips

RP3: John Russell

RP4: Miguel Figueroa

RP5: Joey Marciano

RP6: Sandro Cabrera

RP7: Franklin Van Gurp

On the extended roster (Taxi Squad): Keenan Bartlett, Frank Rubio, Andy Rohloff, Peter Lannoo, Greg Jacknewitz, Tyler Schimpf, Jeff Burke, Ash Fulmer, Kevin Rivera, Chris Corbett


And a dozen long shots to make the OD roster: Gregory Santos (RHP), Diego Rincones (RF), Gustavo Cabrera (LF), Ismael Munguia (CF), Weilly Yan (RHP), Julio Benitez (RHP), Victor Concepcion (RHP), Franklin Labour (RF), Alexander Canario (RF), Doug Still (RHP), Seth Corry (LHP), Jake Greenwalt (RHP).



Roger-  C  Calabrese

1b Kirby

2b Garcia

SS Gerlado

3b Gonzalez

OF: Ramos, Ziegler, Baldwin, Bond

SP:  Stetson Woods,





and perhaps a holdover like Baragar as well as fill ins Benitez and de la Rosa

With the bullpen being a massive floating bunch of possibilities as mentioned above with Cave and Russell being linchpins as well as guys like Lannoo and Jacknewitz and holdovers like DJ Myers.

Normally here I would go around the diamond and give my best guess at the Greenjackets roster.  But I’m not going to top what they’ve already done so instead I’ll just summarize  there work:

Catcher- Rob Calabrese (2 votes),  Ricardo Genoves (1)

1B- Ryan Kirby (3 votes)

2B- Orlando Garcia (3 votes)

3B- Jacob Gonzalez (3 votes)

SS- Manuel Geraldo (3 votes)

LF- Aaron Bond

CF- Heliot Ramos

RF-  Malique Ziegler

DH- Logan Baldwin

These 4 OF received all of the votes

and a starting staff of

RHP) Logan Webb- 4th rd pick in 2014.

RHP) Garrett Cave-

RHP) Stetson Woods- 9th rd pick in 2014

LHP) Mac Marshall- 4th rd pick 2015

LHP) John Gavin- 8th rd pick in the 2017 draft

A lot of other names listed with little over lap.

LHP) Seth Corry

RHP) Camillo Doval,

RHP) Jose Marte- Signed out of the DR in 2015

RHP) Aaron Phillips- 9th rd pick in the 2017 draft

Too name a few.

I enjoyed the deep dive into the Giants system.  Avi (on Twitter @giantsprospects) Darryl (on Twitter @Darryl_Zero) and Roger (on Twitter @rog61) were excellent.  I learned a lot, I hope you did as well. There’s more here than I initially realized.  Augusta’s strength looks to be in the OF and SP.   I’m really looking forward to seeing Ramos.  As well as Bond, Genoves and some of the young arms.    They’ll likely fall in the mid pack range in terms of talent. Maybe slightly toward the upper echelon.

Up next at Notes is a look at the 2018 Lexington Legends (Royals).  Patrick Brennan (on Twitter @paintingcorner) founder of the Royals Farm Report ( and on Twitter @RoyalsFarm) will give us some names to watch for coming out of short season ball.  And Clinton Riddle (on Twitter @TheGrandOldGame) Minor League writer/photographer for Minor League Ball and Legends on Deck.  He’ll tell us of some potential returnees that caught his eye in 2017.  An improving system, looking forward to diving into all of that.

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