26 names I’m already excited to see in the 2018 Sally

Luis Robert, photo courtesy of http://scontent.cdninstagram.com/t51.2885-15/e35/p480x480/13584142_1073360109418609_959031045_n.jpg?ig_cache_key=MTI4NjIxOTgyMzIzNjIyMzYwMw%3D%3D.2

Hey guys, I’ve barely scratched the surface on the 2018 Sally team previews, with just 4 of the 14 teams completed.  And they are the:  Asheville Tourists (Rockies), Hickory Crawdads (Rangers), Kannapolis Intimidators (White Sox) and Rome Braves (Braves).  And already the talent is really starting to stockpile.

Here’s 26 players I’m already excited to see in 2018.


CF)  Luis Robert- White Sox (Age 20)

CF)  Bubba Thompson- Rangers (Age 19)

SS-3B) Ryan Vilade- Rockies (Age on opening day 19)

LHP)  Cole Ragans- Rangers (Age on opening day 20)

RHP) Dylan Cease- White Sox (Age on opening day 22)

CF)  Drew Waters- Braves (Age on opening day 19)

SS) Chris Seise- Rangers (Age on opening day 19)

RHP) Hans Crouse- Rangers (Age 19)

RHP) Freddy Tarnok- Braves (Age 19)

LHP) Kyle Muller- Braves (Age 20)

LHP) AJ Alexy- Rangers (Age 19)

CF) Pedro Gonzalez- Rangers (Age 20)

RF) Isranel Wilson- Braves (Age on opening day 20)

3B) Jean Carlos Encarnacion- Braves (Age on opening day 20)

LF) Jefrey Ramos- Braves (Age on opening day 19)

RHP) Alex Speas- Rangers (Age on opening day 20)

SS) Luis Curbelo- White Sox (Age 20)

C) Javier Guevara- Rockies (Age 20)

C) Matt Whatley- Rangers (Age on opening day 22)

C) Yohel Pozo- Rangers (Age 20)

C) William Contreras- Braves (Age on opening day 20)

2B) Shael Mendoza- Rockies (Age 21)

RF) Ramon Marcelino- Rockies (Age on opening day 21)

1B) Tyreque Reed- Rangers (Age 20)

(Tie) 3B)  Amado Nunez- White Sox (Age 20)

and  SS)  Laz Rivera- White Sox (Age 23)


And there’s a lot more talent on the horizon with Heliot Ramos, Nick Pratto, DL Hall, Jorge Guzman and Jhailyn Ortiz.  Too name a few.

Up next at Notes is a 2018 Augusta Greenjackets (Giants) preview.  Cheers












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