Thoughts on Mickey Moniak, Bryse Wilson and Sixto Sanchez

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Hey guys, I thought I would squeeze one more post in before I hit the road in a few hours. Just some thoughts that by themselves aren’t big enough for a post.

Mickey Moniak, Most games I sit behind home plate in the sea of professional scouts but rarely engage them, I just assume they’re busy.  A couple of weeks ago I was in Kannapolis watching Lakewood with friend and site contributor Dan Victor (on Twitter @slydanno70).  And we chatted with a veteran scout in the Houston ORG.  I’m paraphrasing but he said of Moniak, he needs to widen his base and open up his stance.  Moniak hits from an upright, closed stance with his feet shoulder width apart.  He does tend to lunge at pitches down in the zone, particularly on the outside corner. That doesn’t leave him in great hitting position.  Could be an adjustment to watch for as he climbs the ladder.


Bryse Wilson, I put out my end of season top 50 recently (End of season Sally top 50 prospect list) and the name I’m catching the most feedback on (too low) is Braves Right Hander Bryse Wilson.  I saw him in late April and wrote about him here (Scouting Bryse Wilson, RHP, Rome Braves).  I have some concerns about the effort level in the delivery.  Also his change up is pretty far behind the slider at the moment.  Too me he’ll be a pen arm at the highest level.  That said I think he has a chance to be a dynamic back end of the bullpen arm (either 8th inning or 9th).  As I was making out the list, I was trying to find a place for the late inning bullpen guys and was struggling to do so, though 40’s is probably too low.


Sixto Sanchez, Another name I caught some feedback on was Sixto (too low), he was 12th overall on my list and the 4th pitcher listed.   I watched a start of his back in May and wrote about him here (Scouting Sixto Sanchez, RHP, Lakewood).  The fastball is electric and for being new to pitching, he commands it very well.  And despite his 6′ frame he gets to a solid plane due to his high release.  He lacks a true put away right now, neither of his secondary pitches currently project as plus.  And in my view he was struggling to finish both pitches, frequently leaving them at the belt.   He’s a good athlete and very well put together.  It’s possible one or both of his secondary pitches take a step forward.   The curve could definitely get there but for now a little bit of hedging felt right.


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