My 1st look at Gavin Sheets, White Sox, 2nd round pick

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Hey guys, I got to see Kannapolis (White Sox) for 2 games over the weekend as they hosted the Lakewood Blueclaws (Phillies). Kanny has been one of the more talented squads this season with Alec Hansen, Dane Dunning, Jake Burger, Blake Rutherford and Gavin Sheets all seeing time on the roster.  As well as some less heralded players that were solid in Bernardo Flores, Seby Zavala and Micker Adolfo.

Gavin Sheets, Age 21, listed 6’4″ 230 lbs, bats and throws left.  He was drafted in the 2nd round of the 2017 draft out of Wake Forest Univ.

Sheets is a rugged young man.  He’s pretty filled out, I guessed 6’5″ 240 lbs on the field.  He moves pretty well for a big man right now, he’ll have to stay on top of the conditioning to not be 260+ in 5 years.

At the dish Sheets hits from an upright, wide open stance.  He keeps his hands very high (above the shoulders) and utilizes a moderate leg kick for timing. He’s got a long swing with above average bat speed and lift.  He’s putting a lot of balls in the air and is spraying the ball to all fields.   As long as he stays willing to go the other way the hit can play average or slightly above which will allow him to get his power into games.

He’s got a patient approach, his walk totals should be north of 10%.  Despite the long swing and big strike zone  he shows solid bat to ball skills and the strikeouts probably won’t exceed 25% which isn’t terrible for a big man..  I do wonder though, what will happen when he faces premium velocity.  Because his hands are so high pre pitch,  he has a long way to travel to meet the baseball. I’m concerned he’ll have to cheat the bat head to catch up to the upper 90’s and triple digit fastballs leaving him vulnerable to off speed pitches. He may have to lower his hands some as he climbs the ladder towards Chicago.  Just something to keep an eye on.

The raw power is at least Plus and could be double plus at peak.  He can already hit the ball out of any part of the park.

An average runner underway. Defensively Sheets is likely a 1B only player.  He displays very good hands and feet, a potential a plus defender over there.

Conclusion: I enjoyed watching Sheets, despite the enormous power potential he’s not just a 3 true outcome type of player as he can handle the bat.  We could be looking at a player that hits 260-270 with a very good OBP and 30 HR potential.  A true middle of the order run producer.  Being a college bat the risk is fairly low and he could move quickly.   If he’s gets to Double-A in the 2nd half of 2018 than a late 2019 cup of coffee is possible.

Here we get several good looks at Sheets swing, courtesy of Greg Goldstein and Baseball Prospectus


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