3 hitters to watch from the Greeneville Astros

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Hey guys, after two failed attempts due to rain, I finally got to see a game at Pioneer park in Greeneville TN on Sunday.  It’s a very nice  stadium.  The Greeneville Astros were hosting the the Bristol Pirates.  The player I came to see was CF) Gilberto Celestino.  A potential five tool performer and the highest profile prospect on the Greeneville team (ranked 22nd on the mlb.com’s Astros mid season top 30 list). Unfortunately he didn’t play but here’s 3 others that made an impression with the bat.  Cheers.

CF) Wilson Amador, Age 20, listed 6’1″ 160 lbs, bats and throws right. He was signed out of the Dominican Republic in 2013.

Amador looks fairly wiry, I guessed on the field 6’1″ 170 lbs.  The swing is linear and has some length to it, he’s got plus bat speed.  It’s an aggressive approach with the bulk of the contact between the gaps.  He’s raw offensively, particularly in the areas of pitch recognition.  It’s possible the hit could reach 50 or perhaps 55. He may have to tone down some of the aggressiveness to get there. I would put the raw power at 45 and that may reach 55 at peak.  With his current approach I wouldn’t expect more that 8-12 HR at peak.  Maybe gets into the mid to upper teens if he’s able to find some lift.

The speed is plus and he shows very good instincts on the bases.  He moved pretty well in CF but I didn’t get a great read on the arm in my one look. Amador’s got some loud tools, he’s not going to be a fast mover.  Ultimately we’re probably looking at a potential 4th or 5th OF or utility player if he can handle middle infield (he is a converted SS).


LF) Frankeny Fernandez– Age 20, 6’1″ 185 lbs, bats and throws right.  He was signed out of the Dominican Republic in 2013.

Fernandez has a patient approach, he sees a lot of pitches.  His swing is linear and has some length to it but he shows some pretty solid bat to ball skills.  The bulk of the contact is up the middle and the other way.  The ball does jump off of his barrel.  I would put the raw power at 55 right now.  With the potential for 60 as he matures.  How much power he sees in game will be determined by whether he can find some lift and his willingness to turn on inside fastballs.  Not a gifted runner, above average speed underway.

Not sure I see enough in the bat to see a  future corner outfielder in the Pros but he’s interesting and certainly worth monitoring.


1B, LF, RF) Jose Benjamin, Age 21, 6’2″ 190 lbs, bats and throws right.  He was signed out of the Dominican Republic in 2013.

Benjamin is pretty well put together and there’s room for another 15 pounds of muscle.  He’s got a natural inside out swing and the ball really jumps off of his barrel.  I watched him launch a ball 360′ foul down the 1st base line.  Not too many players have that kind of oppo power at this level.  I would put the raw power at 60 right now.  He’s raw offensively and needs work with pitch recognition.  The swing is long with above average bat speed, the approach is aggressive.  He’s a below average hitter right now but he’s got tools, with a few more years of professional coaching, lets see what emerges.


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