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Estevan Florial, photo courtesy of

Hey guys, just a couple of weeks remain in the 2017 Minor League regular season.  It’s been a fun ride.  Over the next month or so I’ll be releasing a series of lists like this with 5 players who excelled at one particular tool.  Today It’s players with immense raw power, all of these players made it rain in batting practice.  They weren’t hitting wall scrapers, they were hitting apartment buildings across the street.


Estevan Florial- Photo courtesy of

CF) Estevan Florial, Age 19, 6’1″ 210 lbs, bats left and throws right. Florial was signed out of Haiti by the Yankees in 2014

Florial has the highest upside of anyone on this list, he has the potential to be a 5 tool monster.  He’s young and rather raw, particularly in pitch recognition.  As a hitter he’s very much a work in progress.  The power is very impressive, he’s already capable of hitting the ball out of any part of the park which is very rare as a teenager.  Future 70 grade raw power though how much power he gets into his game will be determined by how far the hit comes.  Uber athletic, I wouldn’t bet against him.



Bobby Dalbec, photo courtesy of
Kelly O’Connor,

3B) Bobby Dalbec- Age 22, 6’4″ 225 lbs, bats and throws right.  He was drafted in the 4th round of the 2016 draft by the Red Sox out of the Univ of Arizona

In many ways it’s been a lost year for Dalbec he missed two months with a shoulder injury and prior to going on the DL in May he really struggled for a few weeks.  And he’s continued to struggle since being activated in July.   But I was in Greenville for 3 games in early April and saw the potential.  How the ball explodes off of his barrel and his willingness to use all fields.  He also had the best round of BP I saw all year.  He’s got 70 grade raw right now,  as long as he stays willing to use the whole field the hit should play enough.  Potential 260 with 30-35 HR.

2018 will be a big year for Dalbec and a chance to regain his stock.  But a smart dynasty owner will look to buy now.



Darick Hall, photo courtesy of

1B) Darick Hall-  Age 22, 6’4″ 236 lbs, bats left and throws right.  Hall was drafted in the 14th round of the 2016 draft by the Phillies out of Dallas Baptist Univ.

Hall is a very strong young man,  he’s got 70 grade raw power right now.  And is capable of hitting a baseball 450′.   He’s got a long swing with above average bat speed.  The approach is on the aggressive side and he gets a little pull happy.   He’s also hitting a few too many balls on the ground for the type of player he is.  But he’s put up a .264 ISO this year and leads the Sally with 23 long balls.  A similar upside to Dalbec 260 ish with 30-35.  Has a little more work to do to get there though.   A very nice find in the 14th round.




DeVito getting ready to rip. Photo courtesy of Clinton Riddle

1B) Chris DeVito- Age 22, 6’2″ 220 lbs, bat left and throws right.  He was drafted in the 8th round of the 2016 draft by the Royals out of the Univ of New Mexico.

I got one very early look at DeVito in Greenville and he was impressive.  His BP round was 2nd only to Dalbec’s, with one bomb after another.  He’s a rugged young man, he looked very well put together.  The swing is on the long side but for a big man he makes a decent amount of contact (22% K rate).  The approach is fairly aggressive and he too hits a lot of balls on the ground. In many ways he reminded me of another Lexington (Royals) prospect from 2 seasons ago in Ryan O’Hearn.  The raw power is plus to double plus and he has the potential to hit 260 with 25-30 HR.  He may have to tone down some of the aggressiveness to get there though.



Brett Cumberland, photo courtesy of Jeff Morris (on Twitter @AtlBravesJeff)

C) Brett Cumberland- Age 22, 5’11” 220 lbs, bats both and throws right.   Cumberland was drafted in the 2nd round of the 2016 draft by the Braves out of Cal-Berkeley.

Cumberland is rugged and on the thick side for a catcher.  He’s got a fast bat with lift and the ball explodes off of his barrel.  He’s got plus raw that may grow to double plus at peak.   He gets a little pull happy though.  Left handed the hit can play average or slightly above.  He could get to 270-25.  He seemed to have decent hands but struggled with balls in the dirt in my looks.  I didn’t clock him but he seemed below average with his pop times.  It’s possible he sticks back there at least for a couple games a week while mixing in a little 1B (though at 5’11” he’s a little short for 1B) and LF. Maybe a better fit for an American league team.


Others in consideration for this list included:

Yanio Perez (Probably deserves to be here, I just didn’t get a good enough look) Jake Ring, Colton Welker, Vince Fernandez, Daniel Johnson, Micker Adolfo and catchers Seby Zavala and Roldani Baldwin.










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