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Hey guys, some of you have heard this already but for those that haven’t, the Sally has been 100% of my focus the last 3 seasons.  But I began to notice last yr that my interest was starting to wain after writing about the same players for 4-5 months.   So in a effort to keep things fresh I decided to branch out and incorporate some Appy Lg games in the 2nd half.  If I don’t get too burned out I may change the name of this site and become the Sally and Appy guy (that’s the hope anyway). If you guys have some suggestion for a new site name I’d love to hear it.  thanks.

Appy opening day is Thursday and teams are starting to release there preliminary rosters.  They’re preliminary because as the new draftees sign, many (primarily the college players) will be assigned here.  But I thought I’d comb over the rosters and list any of the players that appear on’s team top 30 prospect lists that were released back in March.  

I’ll list them geographically.  These 5 teams are all pretty close: 60-90 minutes from Asheville

Johnson City Cardinals: SS) Delvin Perez, RHP) Alvaro Seijas, RHP) Johan Oviedo

Elizabethton Twins:  SS) Wander Javier, RHP) Huascar Ynoa, 3B) Jose Miranda, RHP) Griffin Jax

Greeneville Astros: CF) Gilberto Celestino

Bristol Pirates:  RHP) Travis MacGregor, LHP) Braeden Ogle

Kingsport Mets:

The rest are all 3+ hours away

Pulaski Yankees:  3B Dermis Garcia

Burlington Royals:  OF) Seuly Matias, SS) Jeison Guzman, C) Sebastion Rivero

Danville Braves  LHP) Kyle Muller, SS) Derian Cruz, OF) Sanders Commings

Bluefield BlueJays

Princeton Rays

Opening day is tomorrow and only 4 of the 10 teams have released there rosters so far.  I’ll look again a few hours



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