A deeper looks at the top 5 Sally CF’ers

Cristian Pache, photo courtesy of Jeff Morris, on Twitter @_Jeff_Morris

Hey guys, Center Field is the deepest position in the 2017 Sally but also the one with the most high end talent.  Here’s a deeper look at the top 5 Sally CF’ers .

The cream of the crop are Leody Taveras, Mickey Moniak and Cristian Pache.  They’re all potential plus hitters with plus speed and medium power potential.  Taveras and Moniak could approach double plus hit (at least vs righties) and Pache has double plus speed (for now, though he’ll fill out).   Taveras is a switch hitter and the right side is pretty far behind the left but he’s extremely athletic and he shows the same premium bat speed right handed, pitch recognition will improve with reps.  Moniak is striking out at a 30% clip vs lefties right now but he’s so compact and quick to the ball, I don’t see that lasting. Pache and Taveras should get to above average or plus raw and the HR totals could get into the low 20’s.  Defensively all 3 project as above average defensive CF but if there’s a defensive star in the group it’s Pache.  There’s no wrong way to rank these 3, they’re very close and all have the potential to be special.

I have Rutherford a tick behind the top group, he’s a very different player. Bigger, strong and not as athletic.  He handles the bat pretty well but the swing is long and linear. A lot of center of the diamond contact right now.  He’s going to grow into plus raw and perhaps more.  With current approach the hit could play plus but the HR likely won’t exceed 15.  If he starts to cheat the bat head to tap into the power he could hit 25+ but that will come at the expense of some the batting average (.250-.270).  He a solid defensive CF for now I think he can stay there for the short and medium run 2-5 years.  By mid 20’s he should be in an OF corner.

Estevan Florial is an exciting player.  He’s extremely athletic,  I guessed he’s already 6’1″ 210 lbs and he could add another 15 lbs of muscle.   He’s got a long linear swing and electric bat speed and he’s had some of the loudest contact I’ve seen this season.  The bulk of the contact is sharp grounders and low line drives in the center of the diamond.  With the length in his swing, strikeouts are always going to be there.  Pitch recognition is going to be a work in progress and I’m not yet certain he can pick up spin.  He has plus raw power right now and that could reach 70 at peak.  He can already hit the ball out to any part of the park (rare for a teen).  If the bulk of the contact remains in the center of the diamond and he finds a little lift I think he can bring the hit to 50 or 55 (260-270) and the HR to 25+.  He’s very fast the speed is 60 and 70 underway right now, though he’ll fill out.  He should be good for 20-25 SB’s early in his career.  I haven’t yet seen him in CF only Left but he’s athletic enough to be at least average out there for now.  He showed solid range and route running in the two looks I’ve gotten.  He also has a rocket for a throwing arm and long term he probably fits bets in RF.

An exciting young crop of CF.

Up next at Notes is a preview of my 1st ever Appy Lg game in Elizabethton, TN.  Twins vs Danville Braves. The game is Thursday the piece should land tomorrow. Cheers.



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