Rangers (Hickory Crawdads) college draftees, rounds 1-10

Matthew Whatley, photo courtesy of http://cdnak1.psbin.com/img/mw=480/cr=n/d=rig2h/a9pflx4rr0i98cpi.jpg

Hey guys, here’s a list of college players drafted in the 1st 10 rounds by the Rangers. Some of these players could be making there way up to Hickory in the 2nd half. I will do a post like this for every team in the Sally and over the next couple of weeks I will add scouting links to most of the players listed. Cheers.

Pick #104 C) Matthew Whatley, Oral Roberts Univ

Pick #164 LHP) Jake Latz, Kent State

Pick #194 RHP)  Noah Bremer, Univ of Washington

Pick #224 LHP) Joel Urena, Monroe College

Pick #254 1B) Tryeque Reed, Itawamba, Junior College

Pick #284 OF) Tanner Gardner, Texas Tech Univ

Pick #314 LHP) John King, Houston Univ

I’ll be back with the links soon, up next are the Kannapolis Intimidators (White Sox).

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