Scouting Bryan Mata, RHP, Greenville

Bryan Mata, photo courtesy of Kelly O’Connor,

Hey guys, one of the cooler stories in the 2017 Sally is the arrival of young Red Sox right hand pitcher Bryan Mata in Greenville.  He just turned 18 and recently made the jump from the Dominican Summer League straight to full season ball.  It’s practically unheard of for a Latin teen to be promoted this aggressively.  Typically they would spend 1 or 2 seasons in stateside rookie ball before making there way to full season.  It’s possible when rookie ball starts on June 22nd Mata could be sent down to either Lowell or the GCL. But he’s putting together a good showing so far and doesn’t appear to be intimidated or out of his depth.  I watched his latest start yesterday in Hickory and came away pretty impressed.  He has a solid  three pitch mix, he keeps a crisp pace and pounds the zone.

Mata is 18 years old, listed 6’3″ 160 lbs, bats and throws right.  He was signed out of Venezuela in 2015.

Mata looks a bit more filled out than 6’3″ 160 lbs suggests, I guessed on the field 6’4″ 175 lbs. He’s long and lean and there is plenty of projection remaining.

Mata stands on the 3B side of the rubber and utilizes a 3/4 release point.  He gets to a solid plane.  The delivery is low effort and for being as long as he is he repeats the delivery, release and landing fairly well.  He’s pretty athletic and well coordinated.

The fastball sits 90-93 its downhill, solid offering.   The 11-5 curve showed decent shape and solid bite and the low 80’s change flashed some decent sink and fade.

All three pitches project as average or slightly above and command could be a strength.  A long way to go but Mata projects as a #4 and maybe there’s more in there.

Up next at Notes is a piece on Rangers Right Hander Michael Matuella, cheers.




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