My 1st look at Estevan Florial, OF, Charleston

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Hey guys, I took a run down to Fluor field in Greenville Friday night to see the Drive (Red Sox) take on the Charleston Riverdogs (Yankees).  Estevan Florial was way up on my list of players to see coming into the season.  He didn’t disappoint, plenty of loud tools on display.

Florial, age 19, listed 6’1″ 185, bats left and throws right.   He was part of the 2014-15 International spending spree by the Yankees.  The signing was delayed though until the Spring ’15 due to an issue with the birth certificate (place of birth, not age related) more on that here

Florial looks very well put together, I guessed on the field 6’1″ 210 lbs he could pass for a running back.  He could fill out further and maybe add another 10-15 lbs, though that could cost him a step.  He’s extremely athletic, he launched himself into a jump from a seated position at one point without any aid from his hands.

At the dish Florial hits from a slight crouch and semi open stance.  He keeps his hands high and uses a moderate leg for timing.  It’s a long swing but the bat speed is electric.  The ball explodes off of his bat.  He is raw though particularly in pitch recognition and it’s too soon to know if he can pick up spin.  40/50

Florial’s raw power is at least plus and could be 70 at peak.  The game power will be determined by how far the hit comes.  But he’s already capable of hitting the ball out to any part of the park which is rare for a teenager.

Florial speed is plus and maybe 70 underway.  I watched him go 1st to 3rd on a single last night.  He can fly and he seems to get very good jumps for a big man.  He can be a 25-30 SB threat at least early in his career.

Florial played left last night, though I understand he typically plays CF.  He looked solid in LF but I’m looking forward to watching him in CF and will update this piece when I do.

Conclusion:  It’s safe to say Florial is the most tooled up player I’ve seen this season. The potential is there if he maxes out to be a 40 HR player with 30 SB.  I don’t get to say that very often.  The chances of that coming to fruition are pretty remote though.  However 260 with 25+ and 15 SB could be obtainable.  Regardless he will be a fun player to watch develop.

Here we get many good looks at the swing, courtesy of Chris Blessing, a prospect evaluator for Baseball HQ and on Twitter @C_Blessing

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