A look at Kanny hitters, Mitch Roman and Micker Adolfo

Mitch Roman, Photo Courtesy of https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C9InOJEXsAA4Q36.jpg

Hey guys, I got my 1st looks at the Kannapolis Intimidators (White Sox) last week when they visited the Tourists (Rockies).  There’s some length to the lineup with speedster Joel Booker, solid hitters Mitch Roman, Jameson Fisher and Seby Zavala.  Followed by thumper Micker Adolfo.  I’ll eventually have a piece on all of these players but for today I want to talk about two of them, 2B/SS Mitch Roman and RF Micker Adolfo.

Roman, Age 22, listed 6′ 161 lbs, bats and throws right.  He was drafted in the 12th round of the 2016 draft by the White Sox out of Wright State Univ (Dayton, Ohio).

Roman is on the thin side, I guessed on the field 6′ 170 lbs.  He doesn’t seem the type that could add another 20+ lbs of muscle.  He seems destined to remain thin.

At the dish Roman hits from a slight crouch and a closed stance, he utilizes a small leg kick for timing.  He keeps his hands high and remains pretty quiet pre-pitch.  He’s patient and lets the ball travel deep.  He’s quick to the ball, it’s a short, fast linear swing and the bulk of the contact is sharp grounders and line drives up the middle and the other way.  With this approach the hit could play 60 but the power will be of the gap variety.  Lots of doubles but little over the fence.  Pitchers will start challenging him more as he climbs the ladder

Speed:  Roman is an above average runner and showed good instincts on the bases.

Defensively I only saw Roman at 2B, I know he also plays SS.  I liked his actions at 2B, he showed good hands and feet.  A nice 1st step and plenty of arm for 2nd.  I suspect the arm would also play at SS but would need to see the throws from deep in the hole to be sure.

Conclusion.  I enjoyed my looks at Roman, he’s not super toolsy, should always hit for high contact %, the over the fence power will be minimal unless he starts turning on more inside fastballs.  He has potential to be a low end regular with the more likely scenario a utility glove.  Still a great find by the White Sox in the 12th round.



Photo courtesy of Kim Contreras/Future Sox

Micker Adolfo, Age 20, listed 6’3″ 200 lbs, bats and throws right.  He was a high profile signee out of the Dominican Republic in 2013.

Adolfo is a well put together young man, I guessed on the field 6’3′ 220, he looks pretty filled out but may add another 10 lbs of muscle.

At the dish Adolfo hits from a slight crouch and a semi open stance.  He has a long swing and above average bat speed.  The ball really jumps off of his barrel.  He has a fairly aggressive approach and his pitch recognition skills need some work.  I’m not yet convinced he can pick up spin.  He hasn’t been cheating the bat head, which is a good sign, when there was contact it was middle of the diamond.  If he could tone down some of the aggressiveness maybe the hit tool could play 40-45 which would allow him to get some of the massive power into the games.

Speed won’t be a big part of his game, an average runner underway.

A strong arm in right, the range isn’t great, if he fills out further, he could be a 1B.

Conclusion:  Adolfo is a work in progress offensively, he’s got impressive raw power but will he hit enough to get to it in games?  Despite the loud tools, he’s a long shot to make it to the big leagues.


Up next at Notes, I’ll be in Hickory today for a double header between the Crawdads and the Rome Braves.  Expect write ups on CF) Leody Taveras and 3B) Ti’Quan Forbes for Hickory. And CF) Christian Pache and SS) Derian Cruz for Rome.  It looks like I’ll be missing Ian Anderson this go round, I’ll try to catch him in late May when Rome returns for two series.


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