Scouting Dane Dunning, RHP, Kannapolis

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Hey guys, I was at McCormick field in Asheville the other night to see the Asheville Tourists (Rockies) and the Kannapolis Intimidators (White Sox) square off.  High profile RHP Dane Dunning was throwing for Kanny.

RHP) Dunning, Age 22, listed 6’4″ 200 lbs, bats and throws right.  He was drafted 29th overall in the 2016 draft by the Washington Nationals out of the Univ of Florida.  He came to the White Sox in the Adam Eaton trade.

Dunning was a closer in college because the Univ of FL had so many SP options.  On the field he looked pretty filled out, I guessed 6’4″ 220 lbs.  He stands on the 3rd Base side of the rubber.  He throws everything out of the stretch, there is some effort in the delivery but he repeats well. He’s Athletic, has a quick arm and finishes with his momentum going toward home plate.  He’s a fast worker and for a right hander he has a very good pick off move.  He picked off one runner the other night and almost had a 2nd.

Dunning throws a heavy fastball that sits 89-93 MPH (mostly 91-92) many of which looked liked two-seamers that dove down and in on RHH.  Being a converted closer I was wondering how his velo would hold, I had to leave after the 5th inning but he closed that inning with 2 of his fastest pitches all night (94 and 95) to escape a bases loaded jam.  So he has plenty of arm strength and stamina.  55

Dunning’s best secondary pitch is an 11-5 curve, 76-79 MPH, he has a lot of confidence in the pitch and uses it in every count.  It has nice shape and a sharp break.  60

Dunning also throws a change up 82-84 with mild sink.  He does a nice job mimicking the arm speed of the fastball.  Though he did leave a couple change up’s at the belt.  45

Sequencing:  Dunning worked off of the fastball all night throwing the pitch about 70% of the time, the curve was used 20-25% and the change primarily to lefties was thrown 5-10%.

Conclusion:  I enjoyed watching Dunning work, he kept an uptempo pace, he was carving up the righties all night with fastballs that were diving in on there hands and curves that he buried on the glove side.  The lefties did get some good swings but most of the contact was on the ground.  I assume being a college closer he didn’t need the change up much so perhaps with more reps the pitch could gain a 1/2 grade or two.  He may need that to keep the more advanced lefties off of the fastball.   He has the potential to be a mid rotation starter or perhaps an inning eating  #4.

Up next at Notes:  I’ll be in Greenville tonight getting my 1st look at the Rome Braves.  High profile LHP Joey Wentz is throwing so expect a piece up on him tomorrow.  Cheers!

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