Thoughts on Jay Groome, Melvin Adon and a wrap up of my opening week road trip.

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Hey guys, opening week of Minor League Baseball is a wrap.  I took the week off from my real job and hit 5 Sally games in 5 days, between two cities (Greenville and Columbia SC).  I had a blast and will look to do that again next year.  I saw a lot of talented players and wrote about many of them (Scroll to the bottom to see the whole list). I got at least one look at Greenville Drive, Columbia Fireflies, Augusta Greenjackets, Delmarva Shorebirds and Lexington Legends.

On Monday night I saw Jay Groome (he prefers Jay to Jason) to wrap up my week.  I’m not going to do a full scouting report for at least one more start. Some of what I saw I really liked, other stuff not so much.  The good definitely out ways the bad lets start there.

He’s filled out and is 6’6″ yet despite the long limbs he’s buttery smooth and repeats his delivery and release point consistently.  That’s a huge hurdle for many tall pitchers.

In the 1st inning the fastball sat 92-93 and touched 94.  He’s gets to a good plane with the pitch but was having a hard time keeping the pitch off of the right handed hitters knuckles routinely missing off the plate inside.  I’m not too worried about results at this level he just needs to get his work in.

In the 2nd inning the fastball was 89-90.  Not sure why he lost 3-4 MPH in one inning.   I don’t know if he was over throwing in the 1st or took something off in the 2nd to throw more strikes.  If it was the latter it didn’t work he was still missing mostly inside to righties.

The 11-5 curve looked great, he didn’t generate many swings as many of them dropped below the zone but again not worried about results yet.

He was throwing a lot of pitches I was beginning to doubt he would come back out for the 3rd inning and then he landed awkwardly and spiked a fastball at 45′.  I heard he grimaced (I didn’t see it) but he left with the trainer right after.

We were all holding our breath and then “Alex Speier” Red Sox beat writer said on Twitter that he heard from a source it was a strained lat (upper back).  Which of course is great news.  I haven’t hard anything official but I suspect he’ll surface in mid to late May, maybe early June.  I want to see him 1 to 2 more times before I do a full write up.



Melvin Adon, Augusta (Giants) vs  Merandy Gonzalez, Columbia (Mets) was an intriguing matchup on Sunday.  These were two arms that were pretty high on my radar coming into the season.  Merandy looked great (I wrote him up, scroll to the bottom for the link).

Adon is listed 6’3″ 195 lbs, I had him at 6’4″ 210. He’s got a big arm 94-98 and a low 3/4’s release point but he was having a hard time repeating his delivery and release.  I like that he’s in the Giants system as they have a good reputation for developing pitchers.  If he were still a teenager (like Touki was in 2015 when I 1st saw him) I would be more inclined to think he could be fixed and possibly remain a starter.  But he’ll be 23 in a couple of months and he’s missing the glove by feet.  He’s a pen arm for me, with the potential to be a late inning arm.

In case you missed any, here’s the links to all 7 pieces I wrote on the road.

3B prospect Bobby Dalbec has big time pop:

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CF Prospect Desmond Lindsay, impressive collection of tools:

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Giants prospect Sandro Fabian displayed well above average bat control

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Orioles CF Prospect Ryan McKenna has some skills

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Young Mets hurler Merandy Gonzalez has a nice 3 pitch mix

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Red Sox hurler Shaun Anderson

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Lucas Humpal-  A potential 8th inning arm in the Orioles system a nice value pick in the 9th round.

Scouting Lucas Humpal, RHP Delmarva

Up next at Notes is a 1st Impression write up for Lexington (Royals) RF Khalil Lee.

My next game will be Monday 4/17 in Hickory, Crawdads (Rangers) vs WV Power (Pirates).

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