My 1st look at Sandro Fabian (RF) Augusta Greenjackets

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Hey guys, I took a run down to Spirit Communications Park in Columbia, SC yesterday to see the Columbia Fireflies (Mets) and Augusta Greenjackets (Giants) square off.  It was my 1st look at either team in 2017, I’m still here today for a 2nd look.  There’s a great pitching matchup today, Merandy Gonzalez is going for the Fireflies and Melvin Adon is throwing for the Greenjackets.  There will be write ups on both pitchers tomorrow.  But for this piece I wanted to write about Greenjackets RF Sandro Fabian,  a talented youngster I was looking forward to seeing coming into the year.  and I got my 1st look last night.

Fabian- Age 19, listed 6’1″ 180 lbs, bats and throws right.  He was signed out of the Dominican Republic in 2014.

I guessed on the field the Fabian was 6′ 195, he could maybe add another 10 pounds, that could cost him a step though and he’s already a fringy runner.

At the dish Fabian has a closed upright stance, he keeps his hands high and is pretty quiet in the box.  He utilizes a sizeable leg kick for timing.  It’s a long swing with some lift to it and above average bat speed.  Despite the lengthy swing he shows really good hand eye coordination and bat control.

The raw power is average for me,  he’s strong and the ball jumps off of his bat.

Defense It was just one look but Fabian showed an above average arm in right.  I didn’t get a great read on the range yet.  Hopefully I can update that later today.

Conclusion:  I enjoyed watching Fabian hit, for a teenager he’s very advanced in pitch recognition and bat control.  In his 2nd at bat last night he fell behind 1-2 then fouled off several pitches and worked a 10 pitch walk.  I haven’t seen a teenager do that since Albies was here.  He’s a potential plus hitter IMO, I could see the K’s hovering between 15% and 20% and the walks have a potential to be north of 10%.  I believe the game power can get to 15-20 HR’s.  Maybe the low end early in his career and high end at peak.

Fun player, I’ll be keeping an eye on him

Up next is a 1st impression piece on Desmond Lindsay (CF) Fireflies

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