Shaun Anderson RHP, Greenville, scouting report

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Hey guys I took a run down to Fluor field last night to see the Drive take on the Delmarva Shorebirds.  It’s great to have baseball back it’s been a long Winter.  The Drive SP was Shaun Anderson.

Anderson age 22, is listed at 6’4″ 225 lbs, bats and throws right.  He was drafted in the 3rd round of the 2016 draft by the Red Sox out of the univ of FL where he was primarily the closer.

Anderson’s a big, tall, well filled out right hander. I guessed 6’5″ 230 lbs on the field.  He has a simple, low effort delivery that he repeats well. He utilizes a 3/4 release point that remained consistent all night.  He finishes with his momentum carrying him toward home plate (no fall off toward 1st base) and finishes in good fielding position.

The fastball: sat 91-93 early with minimal sink, by the 3rd inning he was 90-91 and by the 5th he was 88-89.

The Cutter: 87-89 early, 85-86 by 5th.  Looked a lot like the harder sliders, good bite. He has confidence in the pitch used it in every situation.

The Slider: 83-85 early, 82-83 late.  Two plane break, sweeping 3 to 7-8 action.  With the harder sliders the dip wasn’t as evident.

The Change: 80-83, on the high end early and the low end late.  Not just for lefties, some sink.

Sequencing: Anderson was 70% fastballs 1st time through with 15% cutters, 10% sliders and 5% change.  That stayed pretty consistent all night.

Command/control: Everything was up in the 1st inning, the 2nd and 3rd innings were his best, consistently hitting both corners and down.  By innings 4 and 5 he was definitely control over command.

Conclusion:  Anderson is a big sturdy guy with a repeatable delivery and 4 average or better pitches I thought his best pitches were the fastball and cutter each were 55 for me, the slider and change I would put at league average.  As close to a slam dunk major leaguer as you can get in A Ball.  As a starter there’s nothing plus and he’ll likely struggle to put away hitters at the next level.  The fastball could play up in shorter stints.  The velo loss was a little concerning but there were some caveats.  He was a pen arm in college who’s being stretched out, it was opening night and it was cold in Greenville.  Based on what I saw he’s got #4 starter upside or a 7th inning pen arm with the later being more likely. If they decide to put him in the pen he should move quickly.   I’ll see a lot of Greenville this year if he shows he’s able to hold his velo later into games I’ll update this.

Up next is a look at the Delmarva starter Lucas Humpal

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