Hickory Crawdads opening day roster released

Leody Taveras, photo courtesy of https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Co599KOWYAAG3P2.jpg


Hey guys,  apparently the Rangers released the Crawdads official opening day roster 5 days ago and I missed it.   A reader pointed it out to me yesterday, much appreciated it’s a one man operation and these things will happen.   The full roster is here:  http://www.milb.com/documents/5/6/0/221222560/2017_Opening_Day_Roster_gyj8rr9k.pdf

It’ll be a strong squad headlined by two Dominican youngsters, CF Leody Taveras and SS Anderson Tejeda.   There’s also returnees (SS) Yeyson Yrizarri, (3B) Ti’Quan Forbes and RHP) Jonathan Hernandez.

The Rangers had a lot of talent in rookie ball last year that apparently isn’t making the jump to full season ball at least for now:

LHP- Cole Ragans

RHP- Alex Speas

RHP- Tyler Phillips

3B) Charles Leblanc

MI) Kole Enright

and then of course there’s RHP) Michael Matuella


A lot more here including scouting reports on many of the players who are making the jump and those who aren’t just yet:

Previewing the 2017 Hickory Crawdads

At Notes From The Sally it’s all about live look scouting the South Atlantic League I’ll be getting many looks at Hickory this year beginning in the 2nd week of the year.  Expect plenty of write ups.

Here’s a link to the entire Crawdads opening day roster


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