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Hey guys, I want to first say that I’m humbled and grateful for all of the support and great feedback I’ve received since starting Notes From The Sally back in August of 2015.

The preview series is way, way up in page views this year.  Multiple team previews are approaching or have exceeded 1000 hits and I’m getting a ton of great feedback. I’m blown away by this. Its easy to see you folks are as excited as I am about the 2017 season and all of the talent on the horizon.

It’s that time of year again where I stand in front of your favorite brick and mortar store with my bell and my bucket.  Please consider supporting your friendly, neighborhood Independent Baseball site to help cover the costs associated with scouting a league this size.

I set a goal to raise $250 this year.  Most of that will go toward fuel and lodging.  There’s also administrative costs to keep the site operational.  Thanks so much for your support.

I added a pay pal button and links to my new Patreon  Cheers!


1st half schedule

I have a new goal this year, I want to see every team in the Sally at least twice in the 1st half (April 6th – June 18th).  It’s to catch as many of these players as I can before they’re promoted or traded.

There will be a some subtle changes based on pitching match ups but this will be very close to my final copy:

I’m taking the opening week off from work and hammering out a bunch of games.  I can’t wait.

April 6-7 Delmarva @ Greenville

Road trip April 8-9 Augusta @ Columbia

April 10 Lexington @ Greenville

April 17 Kannapolis @ Asheville

April 18-19 West Virginia @ Hickory

April 21-22 Rome @ Greenville

April 27-28 Greensboro @ Asheville

April 29-30 Rome @ Hickory


If things go according to plan by April 30 I’ll have seen 11 of the 14 teams.  Just Lakewood, Hagerstown and Charleston remain.


Once a team appears on the schedule a 2nd time I’ll highlight them.


Road trip May 5-6 Lakewood @ Columbia

May 8  Augusta @ Greenville

May 10-11 Charleston @ Hickory

May 12  West Virginia @ Asheville

May 13-14 Hagerstown @ Asheville

Road trip May 20-21 Delmarva @ Greensboro

May 23-24 Rome @ Asheville

May 29-30 Lexington @ Asheville


I will have seen 10 of the 14 teams at least twice at this point.  I still have to get a 2nd look at Lakewood, Hagerstown, Charleston and Kannapolis.


June 1-2 Charleston @ Greenville

June 3-4 Lakewood @ Asheville

Road trip June 13-14 Hagerstown @ Kannapolis


There will be other games mixed in here too:  Rome, Columbia and Lexington will be in town in early to mid June so if I missed a pitcher this is when I can get caught up.

It will be a grueling schedule at times and around it I’ll be working full time and trying to stay happily married.  I think the hardest part might be trying to find time to do the write ups.

Things won’t be as hectic in the 2nd half but there will still be plenty to see:  lots of recent college draftees will start filtering in.  Kids will be promoted from rookie ball and there will be trades and players recovering from injury.

PS If you see me at the games, say hello.

Just 3 team previews remain, up next is a preview of the Lexington Legends (Royals)


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