15 toolsy outfielders from the 2016 Sally

Victor Robles, courtesy of mg.washingtonpost.com/wp-apps/imrs.php?src=https://img.washingtonpost.com/blogs/nationals-journal/files/2015/09/246.jpg&w=480
Victor Robles, courtesy of mg.washingtonpost.com/wp-apps/imrs.php?src=https://img.washingtonpost.com/blogs/nationals-journal/files/2015/09/246.jpg&w=480

Hey guys, I continue to look back at the 2016 Sally with a look at 15 toolsy outfielders.


Tier 1, Cream of the crop

Victor Robles, courtesy of baseballamerica.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Victor-Robles.gif
Victor Robles, courtesy of baseballamerica.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Victor-Robles.gif

CF) Victor Robles – Nationals.  Robles is an exciting young player in the Nats system. Potential plus or better hit, with double plus speed, excellent center field defense and a cannon for an arm. Game power could play average too. Here’s a full writeup I did back in May:  My 1st look at Victor Robles, CF, Hagerstown


Ronald Acuna, courtesy of cdn0.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/ubJVWk3-X7ezLEDGN3VRMtQBKzs=/0x432:4608x3024/1600x900/cdn0.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_image/image/50661945/S0620445.0.1472973595.JPG
Ronald Acuna, courtesy of cdn0.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/ubJVWk3-X7ezLEDGN3VRMtQBKzs=/0x432:4608×3024/1600×900/cdn0.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_image/image/50661945/S0620445.0.1472973595.JPG

CF) Ronald Acuna – Braves.  Acuna missed a large chunk of 2016 due to thumb injury.  So I was only able to get one look.  Excellent bat to ball skills.  The hit tool is potential plus or higher and the game power could play average or maybe slightly higher and he’s got plus speed. An exciting young player.  Here’s a more in depth report: My 1st look at Ronald Acuna, CF, Rome


Tier 2, Athletic but questions


CF) Luis Alexander Basabe – Red Sox.  A nice combination of power and plus speed but there are question marks about the hit tool.  A very good defensive CF.  Showed significant improvement in the 2nd half.


CF) Tito Polo – Yankees.  Polo had a monster couple of months in the Sally before being promoted to Bradenton. I only got one look, I loved the bat speed and the athleticism I thought he looked good in center.  But it’s a small sample size and others feel he may have to move to a corner which would add pressure to the bat.


CF, LF) Mylz Jones – Rockies. Jones is very athletic and has plus speed.  He’s a good hitter and there is some pop in the bat.  Some feel he will be groomed for a super utility role.  He did play SS in college.


Eric Jenkins – Rangers. Jenkins is an athletic young man with plus, plus speed. Physically he reminded me of a young Kenny Lofton. Even has a similar setup at the dish.  He’s got a long swing and struggled to make consistent contact this year but it was his 1st full season.  A lot of tools to work with, it will be interesting to see how he develops.


CF) Cedric Mullins – Orioles.  Mullins is interesting in that he could have 5 average or better tools.  His loudest tool is his plus speed, he’s a threat on the bases and covers a lot of ground in center.  He’s aggressive at the dish with a long linear swing, and above average bat speed, and he makes decent contact.  The hit can play average or maybe slightly above, and for a little guy the ball definitely jumps off of his bat.  Above average raw right now.  Not a great throwing arm but average for CF.  So with 500 at bats: 270 ish, 305 OBP, 12-16 HR and 25-30 SB.  My guess is 2nd division regular or 4th/5th OF.


RF-CF) Anderson Miller – Royals. A pretty good athlete for a big man, moves well.  Probably profiles best in right long term and he has the arm for it.  Miller has the strength for 20-25 HR but so far he hasn’t gotten to it in games because of his long, linear swing.  Quite a bit of swing and miss here too.


RF-CF) Ray Patrick Didder – Braves.  Didder is very fast and has excellent glove in center.  His teammate is Ronald Acuna who also plays center so Didder played a lot of right field when Acuna was healthy.  Didder’s got a long swing with very good bat speed and gap power currently.


CF) Johneshwy Fargas – Giants.  I was disappointed to see Fargas back in the Sally as he had a good year last year and earned a promotion to San Jose to start 2016.  But after a slow start he found himself back in Augusta.  These things happen and he’s still age appropriate for the level.  His loudest tools are his plus speed and strong throwing arm. A decent hitter Fargas doesn’t offer much in the way of pop though.



Tier 3, not super toolsy but chance to be solid


LF)  Cornelius Randolph – Phillies- Randolph is kind of compact and thick. But I love the bat to ball skills and I think there will be enough power there to be a fit in left or at 1st if he outgrows corner outfield. Think 290 15-20 HR’s early and 20-25 at peak.  Not a threat on the bases. A longer write up here My 1st look at Cornelius Randoph


RF) Dylan Davis – Giants- Much like Randolph not super toolsy but Davis is a strong young man.  He has the potential to be an average hitter with 20-25 HR.  Average range in right with a strong arm.


RF) Jose Pujols – Phillies- Pujols has some of the best raw power on the circuit this season and he led the Sally with 24 HR’s.  He’s long and lanky and when he gets his arms extended, look out. There are holes in the swing however and there will be a lot of swing and miss. Average range in RF with a strong arm.


Tier 4..  Toolsy but work is needed


Kyri Washington – I saw a lot of Kyri this season. He’s got some tools, plus raw power and he runs well for a big man. Questionable hit tool though with a long swing and aggressive approach.
Stone Garrett – Marlins.  I only got 1 look at Garrett this season.  But he’s got some similarities to Basabe up above.  Missed a bunch of time due to injury but really struggled with contact when he did play.


Amalani Fukofuka – Royals,   Leudys Baez- Braves.

These two young men posses some of the loudest tools I saw this season however they’re really raw offensively.

One player that likely would have made it into the 2nd group on this list had I seen him is Alex Call of the White Sox.  You can read about him here Thoughts on Alex Call, OF, White Sox.   This was a guest post by by my friend Dan Victor (on Twitter @slydanno70).


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