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Hey guys in case you missed it I hosted my 1st ever Twitter Group chat this afternoon.  Delmarva Shorebirds beat writer Mitch Northam was my guest and he did a terrific job fielding both my questions and the ones tossed out by others in the room.  Overall I had a good time and I hope the others in attendance did as well.

Here’s today’s Twitter chat group transcript

I’m skipping over all of the greetings and going straight to the content

Hello. Giants fan but follows prospects from all orgs. Thoughts on Mountcastle Mitch?

Ryan has grown tremendously over the season. struggled early, but has become a solid hitter.

– here’s a story I wrote on him earlier this season :

One more question about him. Do you think he can handle SS in the long run?

I think so, but that position is a bit loaded in the O’s organization. So, we’ll see.

Wrenzie kind of stole my thunder a little bit while was doing the greeting but it’s all good, I went ahead and asked my ? anyway

Q #1 Thoughts on Ryan Mountcastle? What’s his power ceiling? Does he have a future at the SS position?

not sure what his ceiling is, but he can definitely hit it out of the park. third on the team in HR’s this year.

Looks like the O’s got a very interesting prospect to follow. Thanks a lot Mitch!


for sure, and Ryan is a great guy too. thanks for joining in.

I loved his quick wrists I think he projects average game power at least maybe above

agreed. I think he can be a double-digit homer guy.

Q #2 Yermin Mercedes has had a monster season offensively. Does he C long term? If not is OF or 1B an option?

I think he’s a catcher, straight-up. He’s played one game of 1B since 2013. Don’t see him switching over.

a quick follow up   does Mercedes win MVP?

– I think he’s in the running, for sure. Leads in AVG still. Mundell and Pujols are up there too.

Agreed I think it’ll come down to Mundell or Mercedes close contest I think

Q #3 How has Ofelky Peralta performed this year? What does he throw and what are his strengths and weaknesses?

as any 19 y/o, Ofelky has had his ups and downs. He was great in July, not so great lately.

as any 19 y/o, Ofelky has had his ups and downs. He was great in July, not so great lately.

I think the biggest thing he needs to work on is accuracy. Throws a lot of balls.

great thanks Follow up what’s the typical velocity on his fastball?

folks say they’ve seen it hit 101. He’s inconsistent with the speeds right now, in my opinion.

I missed him when they came through Asheville but I know he’s an exciting young arm

I love watching him. Exciting pitcher. I think he’ll at least start next season with Delmarva too.

thanks Mitch yeah he was one of the guys I was hoping to see this yr but never did. sadly there’s a lot of them

Q #4 Who’s the 1 position players that blossomed the most as a prospect from April-Aug

– there’s a few, for me. Mountcastle, Cedric Mullins… I’ve really liked Randolph Gassaway too.

Tell me about Gassaway please not real familiar with him

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