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Lex Luthor and the legion of doom having a chat, courtesy of

Hey guys, I’m starting a Notes from the Sally Twitter Chat Group. (More details about what a Twitter Chat Group is, below).

The 1st chat will be Monday at 12 PM and I’ll be talking Delmarva Shorebirds (the single-A Baltimore Orioles).  My guest for the hour will be Mitchell Northam (on Twitter @PrimetimeMitch) Mitch covers the Shorebirds for Delmarva now.  He’s a good guy and he knows his stuff.

What is a Twitter chat group?  It’s a simple and fun way to crowdsource an interview.

Twitter Chatting is all done with hash tags # To get into the room the hash tag will be #SalNotes.  Throughout the hour I’ll be peppering Mitch with Shorebirds questions.  If you would like to participate in either answering one of my questions or asking your own, make sure #SalNotes is included on your Tweet. That’s really all there is to it. If you forget to include #SalNotes in your Tweet Mitch will get your question, but the room won’t see it.

If we have a lot of people participating the hour will fly and the event will be a lot of fun.  After the event I’m going to put the transcript here.

There will be other team Twitter Group Chats coming so stay tuned.

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