Thoughts on the Basabe Twins

Luis Alexander Basabe, courtesy of

Hey guys, I’ve made about a dozen trips down to Greenville to see the Drive (Red Sox) this season.  Good squad, strong lineup.  Two of the more exciting young players have been the Basabe twins (pronounced Buh Sah Bay)

Coming into the season, the center fielder Luis Alexander Basabe was the more well known of the the two.  One reason for this is he played at the higher level of rookie ball (NY/Penn league vs the GCL) 2B Luis Alejandro also got hurt and missed some time so he was the great unknown coming into this season.  Turns out they both got game.

Luis Alexander Basabe, age 19, listed 6′ 160 lbs, he bats both and throws right.

I guessed on the field he’s 6′ 170 lbs.  There’s projection left, he could pack on another 10-15 lbs of muscle.  That could cost him a step though.

At the dish, left handed Luis Alexander hits with an upright, slightly open stance. He has a long swing with some lift and plus bat speed. He hits a lot of balls to his pull side, and he’s got above average raw power right now.  When he connects he can really drive a ball out in a hurry.   Right handed the setup is similar and the swing is a bit more linear. Very good bat speed as a righty as well.

Luis Alexander is still raw offensively, particularly with pitch recognition.  He’s being beaten by college arms and their sequencing.  He could probably use another year or two in the low minors.  I have noticed one adjustment however.  In my April looks he was very aggressive, he swung early and often in every at bat. The last few looks though he’s put together some longer at bats and laid off some close pitches.  He still needs a better two strike approach and I’m not certain he can pick up spin.

Speed & Defense – Luis Alexander has plus speed and I like his actions in center good 1st step, runs good routes and hes a strong arm.

Here we get a good look at Luis Alexander’s swing courtesy of

Luis Alexander Basabe has one of the highest ceilings in the low minors.  He’s not going to be a fast mover but in 4 or 5 years he might emerge as a 270-20-20 type of player with with strong CF defense.  Some chance the hit will never fully materialize.  A lot of risk here, so much so that I left him off of my Sal league top 20.


Luis Alejandro Basabe, courtesy of

Luis Alejandro Basabe is also 19 (obviously), listed 5’10” 160 lbs, bats both and throws right.

I guessed Luis Alejandro looked 6′ 170 lbs and he too could add 10 more pounds of muscle.

At the dish left handed Luis Alejandro has an upright, closed stance. A longish swing and above average bat speed with some lift.  He doesn’t have the same raw power or exit velocity as his brother (average raw) but he makes much better contact.  The majority of his batted balls are to his pull side and he puts more balls in the air then what you’d expect for his type of profile.  I’ve only gotten a couple of looks at Luis Alejandro vs lefties.  A similar setup and he had some big swings he was definitely looking to drive the ball.

As mentioned above Luis Alejandro makes significantly better contact.  He’s also more patient and fouls off tough pitches to keep at bats alive.  Overall I like his approach.

Speed and defense Luis Alejandro has above average speed.  He’s seen time at both 2B and SS this yr.  He doesn’t have the arm or the range for short but he looks fine at 2nd base.

Here we get a look at Luis Alejandro’s swing courtesy of

Luis Alejandro doesn’t have the same ceiling as his brother but he’s got a better chance of reaching his and should move faster through the low minors.  Average/above average hit, 45 game power and above average wheels.  260-270, 12-14, 12-16.  While playing a steady 2nd base.

I’ve enjoyed my looks at both of the Basabe’s and the rest of the Greenville Drive this year. Exciting team.

Fairly soon I’m going to give my thoughts on every hitter on the Drive roster maybe next week. Cheers.


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