Whipping around the Tourists Infield

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Hey guys, I’ve gotten about a dozen looks at the 2016 Asheville Tourists so far.  I thought I would go around the diamond giving my thoughts on each of the hitters.  This will be done over two articles the infield today and the outfield soon.

Brendan Rodgers is the best hitter at this level, lets see how the others stand up,



Hamlet Marte, courtesy of vox-cdn.com

Hamlet Marte – An aggressive hitter, with a linear swing.  He lets the ball travel deep and sprays line drives and sharp grounders between the gaps.  A lot of hits are to center and right center.  He’s not going to hit for much power with this approach. More swing and miss then you’d like for this profile.  Decent receiver with an average arm. 55 Hit potential, 50 Raw Power currently.


Chris Rabago, courtesy of ucirvinesports.com

Chris Rabago – Rabago has a long, linear swing and the sprays the ball around the diamond.  Average raw but the game power is limited by the approach.  Rabago is a patient hitter who works counts. Defensively he’s a good receiver with a strong arm. 50 Hit potential, 50 raw power currently.



Brian Mundell, courtesy of d1baseball.com

Brian Mundell – Mundell has a short, quick stroke.  He’s got plus raw and he’s shown he can hit the ball out of any part of the park. The game power will be limited by his level swing.  He’s a patient hitter who works counts. Defensively he’s limited to 1B but he looks good over there (good hands and feet). Potential 55 hit, 60 current raw power.



Brendan Rodgers, courtesy of milb.com

Brendan Rodgers – I’ll be back soon with a full scouting report but here was my initial thoughts back in April. My 1st look at Brendan Rodgers, SS, Asheville



Max George, courtesy of aurorasentinel.com

2B, SS, 3B Max George – George got up with the Tourists in the 2nd half of 2015.  I thought he would get the bat knocked out of his hands then.  He came back stronger this year I actually saw him hit a HR and a long 2B.  The hit is kind of fringy and the power is still below average.  I like his actions at all 3 infield spots but his arm is fringy on the left side of the diamond. 40 hit, 35 raw power.



Carlos Herrera, courtesy of milb.com

SS-2B Carlos Herrera – Herrera’s carrying tool is his SS defense. Good glove man, very good range and strong arm.  Offensively, he’s got some bat speed but the approach is raw and aggressive. Potential 50 bat with 40 raw power.  All of his power is to his pull side.



Josh Fuentes, courtesy of milb.com

1B-3B Josh Fuentes – Fuentes seems to have a very good personality.  Teammates like him but he seemed more jovial last year.  I think he was annoyed he was back here repeating the level. He came in noticeably stronger this year, I didn’t write down last year but he had 50 hit potential and 50 current raw power were my grades. The bat speed has improved so I have raised both a half of grade.


There was a couple of new arrivals in the last week or two:

Chris Keck and Scott Burcham

I’ll have a write up on each a little later on.

Next up is a look at the Tourists OF.




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