Scouting Roniel Raudes, RHP, Greenville

Roniel Raudes, courtesy of

Hey guys I took a run down to Greenville on Sunday to see the Drive take on the Augusta Greenjackets.  I had been looking forward to seeing Drive (Red Sox) starter Roniel Raudes.

Raudes, age 18, listed 6’1″ 160 lbs, bats and throws right. Raudes was signed by the Red Sox out of Nicaragua for $250,000.

Raudes looked long and lean I guessed on the field he was 6’2″ 170 lbs.  There’s some projection left but he looks destined to remain thin.  We’ve all seen pitchers raise there hands above there head even if it’s not part of the delivery.  They lift there hands and lower them and then go into the delivery.  Raudes does this while crouched and it’s quite unique.  My description isn’t doing it justice, here’s a picture.

Roniel Raudes courtesy of

He does that before every pitch from the windup.

Raudes starts on the 1st base side of the rubber, he’s got a simple delivery that he repeats well.  He’s got a high 3/4’s release point and gets to a good plane.  He’s athletic, he keeps a crisp pace and he showed a very good pick off move for a righty.

Raudes fastball in the 1st two innings sat 90-92, a couple of 89 and a couple at 93.  They were fairly straight but he located them well. He worked down and away a lot.  By the 4th inning he was 87-89 touched 92 a few times,  He continued to locate well throughout his start. 50

Raudes throws a 12-6 curve that he can throw for strikes or bury, it is a swing and miss generator.  He lost grip on a few of them and they flew out wildly.  A few others he didn’t get on top of and just spun and hung there.  The ones he threw well had a nice shape and sharp bite to them.  He has a lot of confidence in the curve, he throws a lot of them and in any count.  55 pitch currently but flashed 60.

I did not see any change ups  he was strictly fastball-curve all day.


He worked off of his fastball but mixed in 30-35% curveballs.  That ratio held all day.

I liked Raudes, he’s a fast worker, he pounds the zone.  He’s command over stuff right now.  He didn’t hold his velocity but he’s the youngest player in the league (doesn’t turn 19 until January) he’ll get stronger.  He’ll need a change up vs more advanced hitters.  Back end starter or 7th inning reliever.

Here we get many good looks at Raudes courtesy of

It was nearly 100 degrees on Sunday, you’ve got to feel for the players on days like that.  Raudes had a bumpy 1st inning, he was getting BABIP’d, a ground ball up the middle a ground ball to second but it was a hit and run, a bloop into left.  But he also left some pitches up.  He gave up a long double and a grand slam.  I didn’t expect he’d be back for the 2nd but he was, he also pitched the 3rd and 4th and settled down nicely.


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