My 1st look at Josh Naylor 1B, Greensboro

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Hey guys I took a run over to Hickory last week to see the Crawdads (Rangers) take on the Greensboro Grasshoppers (Marlins).  Greensboro was the only Sal league team I hadn’t seen in 2016, so I was looking forward to the 80 mile trip.

Greensboro had some hitters I was looking forward to seeing led by 2015 1st rd pick Josh Naylor.  But also speedster Anfernee Seymour and slugger Stone Garrett and they didn’t disappoint.  Isael Soto showed some impressive power as well.  Today I want to talk about Naylor, there will be more on these other players later on.

Josh Naylor is about to turn 19 years old, he’s listed 6′ 225 lbs, he bats and throws left.  Naylor was drafted by the Marlins 12th overall in the 2015 draft out of high school in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

My 1st thought when I saw him was he’s pretty thick for an 18 year old.  On the field I guessed he was 6’1″ 230 lbs, he’s going to have to work hard to not be 250+ in 10 years.  Even though he’s 1st base only, he’ll have to stay fairly mobile to field the position effectively. He seemed very popular among his teammates.

At the dish Naylor’s got a closed upright stance and he utilizes a toe tap for timing.  I love the swing it’s a little long but there’s lift and excellent bat speed.  The ball really jumps off of his bat.  He put on a show in batting practice, over his last 10 swings he hit 8 home runs and they weren’t wall scrapers, all were 400’+.  He can hit the ball out of any part of the park.  That’s very rare for an 18 year old. He’s got double plus raw right now.

Naylor showed some patience, he saw some pitches.  It was just one look but he showed some propensity to recognize spin. The length of the swing will leave him a little susceptible to off speed pitches.

He moved pretty well for a big man and I liked his actions around 1st base  I didn’t get a good read on the hands, he was never really tested in my one look.

Naylor was a fun player to watch, a strong young man with light tower power.  The range of outcomes is pretty vast at this point. There’s a chance he becomes a plus hitter, and gets all of his power into games at the big league level.  The more likely outcome is he’s an above average hitter with plus power and perhaps the strong side of the platoon. 270-280 25-28 HR’s.

Here we get several good look at his swing courtesy of the baseball factory



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