Scouting Jonathan Hernandez, RHP, Hickory

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Hey guys I got my 2nd look at Hickory RHP, Jonathan Hernandez the other night as the Crawdads were taking on the Rome Braves.

Hernandez is 19, he’s listed 6’2″ 175 lbs, he bats and throws right. Hernandez was signed by the Rangers out of the Dominican Republic for $300,000  in January 2013.

Hernandez is this thin I guessed 6’2″ 180 lbs on the field the other night. He athletic, he works fast and has a good pick off move to 1st base.

Hernandez has an interesting delivery in that he starts by facing home plate but once he gets the sign he shifts his body 45 degrees until he’s facing 3rd base and he throws every pitch from the stretch. Looking at the video, this is a recent development.  He wasn’t doing that maneuver when the video was made in 2015.

As I said, I’ve seen Hernandez twice this season, in my 1st look he looked good early but the command wavered late and the velo dropped.  His stuff held much better the other night.

The fastball sits 93-95 touches 96, they’re mostly straight but some have a riding action in on righties.  The pitch comes in on a good plane and he generates a lot of ground balls.  He’s got very good command of the pitch both down and in and down and away.  55/60

Hernandez’s change up is mostly 84-85, the pitch shows a fair amount of sink and fade.  He does a good job selling the pitch, matching the arm speed of the fastball.  He commands the pitch very well.  It’s a good change of pace off of his fastball. 50

Hernandez throws a slider at 81-84.  This pitch doesn’t show up quite as much as the change.  It has a two plane break but not super sharp. He can bury or throw it for strikes.  Not a big swing and miss generator. 50

Sequencing in both of my looks,  Hernandez was 80% fastballs 1st time through the order with 12% change and 8% slider. In innings 3-5 he was 70% fastball 17% change and 13% slider.

Here we get many good looks at Hernandez courtesy of Eric Longenhagen (Fangraphs) (on Twitter @longenhagen)

I like Hernandez, he’s efficient, he pounds the zone and generates a lot of ground balls. He does lack a true put away pitch though.

Hernandez is a #4 or #5






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