Scouting Max Fried, LHP, Rome

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Hey guys, I took a run over to Hickory last night to see the Crawdads take on the Rome Braves.  On the mound for Rome was high profile lefty Max Fried and I was looking forward to seeing him.

Fried (Pronounced Freed) is 22, listed 6’4″ 185 lbs, he bats and throws left.  Fried was selected 7th overall in the 2012 draft by the Padres out of high school in Los Angeles, CA.

Fried missed most of 2014 and all of 2015 due to Tommy John surgery and he was traded to the Braves in the Justin Upton deal.

He’s long and lean I guessed on the field he was 6’5″ 215, there is projection left.  He stood on the 3rd base side of the rubber, he had a simple low effort repeatable delivery and he remained balanced throughout.  He’s a fast worker and he finishes with a slight fall toward 3rd base.  He utilizes a high 3/4 release point and gets to an excellent plane.  He displayed a decent move to 1st last night but Hickory ran a lot on him.

The fastball came in pretty straight, early on he was mostly 92-93 and he touched 94 a few times.  In the 5th and 6th inning he was 90-91 touched 92 a couple of times.  He commanded his fastball fairly well all night.  He attacked righties in under the hands a lot and he located very well in there, when he missed he missed inside.  He wasn’t as consistent down and away  but again when he missed it was outside not over the heart of the plate, he just missed more.  In the 5th and 6th inning the mistakes were more hittable. 55

The curve had an 11-5 break and very nice shape to it, 72-75. He didn’t get on top of his 1st few breakers and they were hit pretty hard,  he was much more consistent after that.  Later in the game his curve velo dipped to 68-72 (mostly 70-72).  All four of his strikeouts were on curveballs, it’s a put away and he either bounces them or throws them for strikes down and in or down and away. 60

Fried threw the change 79-83 mostly on the low end.  I didn’t see much movement,  it was more of a change of pace pitch.  He sold the pitch very well matching the arm speed of the fastball.  The 10-12 MPH separation is very good. Just like with his other pitches he was a few ticks slower at the end. 45

Sequencing, Fried was working off of his fastball all night.  The 1st time through the order he was 70% fastball, 20% curve, 10% change.  Those ratios held all night .

Overall I liked Fried, the fastball was straight but it was coming downhill and he really pounded inside on righties.  The velo drop was a little concerning as was the wavering command in his last couple of innings.  He’ll need to get stronger but he was sidelined a long time he could still be building stamina.  Fried is going to generate a ton of ground balls.  He was getting Babip’d early last night, he gave up five 1st inning singles, four were grounders,  a couple of them were really stung though and those were off of the mistake curves.  He cruised for a few innings after that before the fatigue kicked in.

He’s a potential 4 for me.

Here we get a lot of good looks at Fried’s delivery, courtesy of Chris Blessing (Baseball HQ)(On Twitter @C_Blessing)

I’ll be back soon with a write up on Austin Riley. Cheers

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3 thoughts on “Scouting Max Fried, LHP, Rome”

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  2. Allard a #3 and Fried a #4? That’s the opposite from every other scouting report I’ve read on both of them. The fact that it’s early in the year when you scouted them and the fact that both are coming off injury might have had something to do with your evaluations. Also Frieds fastball was 93-94 (a few were 95) the last scouting report I read so maybe you caught him on an “off” night (if he gave up 5 first inning singles it most likely was). I’d like to read your report on them later in the season if you have a chance.

    1. It’s possible Fried is/was still getting his strength back. I was hoping to get a follow up in the 2nd half but I’m probably only getting one more look at them. I still haven’t seen Weigel or Sanchez. That’s the problem when one team has too many good pitchers.

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