My 1st look at Victor Robles, CF, Hagerstown

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Hey guys I got my 1st look at Victor Robles tonight in Asheville. He’s impressive, a lot of loud tools on display.

Robles, turns 19 in a couple of weeks, he’s listed at 6′ 185 lbs and that looks accurate.  He bats and throws right.  Robles signed in 2013 out of the Dominican Republic for $225,000.

At the dish Robles has an upright closed stance and he stays pretty quiet pre pitch.  He’s got a very quick bat and a linear swing and his game is spraying sharp grounders and low line drives around the diamond.  He was pretty aggressive in the box tonight swinging early in the count in every at bat.  He showed excellent contact throughout the night and seemed to stay on the breaking pitches as well.  It’s just one look but with his bat speed and contact ability I think the hit tool can play as plus.

The speed is electric, it’s double plus.

Victor Robles, courtesy of

He showed very good range in center, as you might expect, and his jumps were very good out there as well.  The one tool I didn’t know he possessed before tonight, is that he has a rocket throwing arm.  He threw a ball from the warning track in center field to 3rd base on the fly.  The throw was on the money and it got there super fast.  He did over throw the cut off man though. Very impressive arm strength. If this hitting thing doesn’t work out he may have a future on the mound.

There were a couple small examples of lack of focus from Robles tonight that stood out to me.  1st, he got picked off of 1st base, it was a good move by Asheville starter Peter Lambert. Robles didn’t look like was going to run on the pitch he was just caught flat footed.  Also he seemed to forget the game situation later in the game;  he was on 2nd base with 2 outs and there was a fly ball to center and he didn’t run right away.  These things happen to every player from time to time and it’s probably nothing.  Just something to keep an eye on.

Overall, I came away very impressed with Robles.  I think he’ll hit for average, I wouldn’t expect many walks or strikeouts.  His speed and defense get very high marks. Right now I’d estimate the game power potential at 45 or maybe 10-14 HR’s with a lot of doubles and triples.  Part of that is because of the approach.  If he consistently tried to get the ball in the air that number could play 16-20 HR’s.  And he might get there anyway in his later 20’s because of the added strength.



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