Scouting Foster Griffin, LHP, Lexington

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Hey guys, I got to see high profile south paw Foster Griffin the other night in Asheville as the Tourists (Rockies) took on the Lexington Legends (Royals).

Griffin is 20 years old, he’s listed 6’3″ 200 lbs and that looks accurate, he throws left and bats right.  Griffin was drafted 28th overall in 2014 draft by the Royals out of high school in Orlando Fl.

He’s fairly well built out but there is some projection left.  He stands on the 1st base side of the rubber, uses a simple repeatable delivery and a high 3/4 release point.  He throws from a very good plane.

The fastball sat 87-89 touched 90 a few times and 91 once, it’s got some downward movement.  He’s control over command right now with the pitch.  He threw the pitch for strikes but missed the glove on a fair amount of them.  He generated some swing and miss with the fastball and a lot of grounders.  The pitch didn’t get squared all night. 45 pitch plays 50 because of the movement.

The Change up sat 81-83, with minimal fade and some sink. He did an excellent job selling it, matching the arm speed of the fastball. He located the pitch well to both corners and down.  With 6-8 MPH separating the fastball and change that’s a little on the low side.  55 pitch.

The 11-5 curve sat 72-74 with nice shape and decent bite,  He threw the pitch for strikes and he also bounced a few.  He got a few awkward swings with it.  He was able to get on top of most of them. 55 pitch.

Sequencing –  The 1st time through the order Griffin was working off of his changeup throwing the pitch about 60% of the time, he mixed in the fastball about 30% and the curve 10%.  He retired the 1st 7 hitters 4 ground outs and 3 strikeouts, Asheville adjusted though and began sitting on the change.  4 of the next 5 batters reached and everything was hit hard even the out was a line out to SS.  Griffin made an adjustment and began throwing the fastball 60% of the time with 20% curve and 20% change, retiring his last 7 hitters.

Overall I came away fairly impressed with Griffin he gets to an excellent plane on his pitches.  He has a chance to be a ground ball machine.  He came in with a plan and then adjusted which was good to see.

All that said, if he’s sitting high 80’s he’s going to need pinpoint fastball command so we still need to see improvements in that area.

I think Griffin can stick in the rotation as a #4 right now.   If he can consistently get up to 90-91 he could be a mid and the change would play better.

Here we get a good look at the delivery and the stuff courtesy of Nathaniel Stoltz.

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