My 1st look at Yeyson Yrizarri SS, Hickory

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I got my 1st look at Hickory (Rangers) shortstop Yeyson Yrizarri (sounds like Jason Rizzari) the other night.  My 1st thought was he’s pretty well put together.  I always expect to see  6′ 160 lbs when looking at a 19 year old shortstop.  Yrizarri was conjuring up images of a young Hanley Ramirez.   I’m not suggesting he’s Hanley, but he looked thicker and stronger and 20-25 lbs heavier than the 6′ 160 lbs average.

Yrizarri is 19, he bats and throws right.  He was a high profile signee out of the Dominican Republic in 2013, receiving a $1.35 M signing bonus.

At the dish Yrizarri has an upright semi open stance, he’s quiet in the box. He’s aggressive in that he swings a lot, but he showed a pretty good approach spraying the ball around.  I saw a double into the left field corner.  He also took a down and away fastball and lined out to right center (he wasn’t trying to pull everything, which is often a trait with aggressive hitters). He’s got a long, level swing and a fast bat. He crushed some baseballs in BP. I would rate his current raw power as above average and he showed some feel for the barrel.


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Yrizarri isn’t a burner, his speed was average and he looked a little awkward when he ran, like his stride wasn’t long enough.  Despite the lack of foot speed, I think he’s got a future at shortstop in the near term.  It was just one look, but he showed a good 1st step, good hands, and a rocket throwing arm.  I just have to wonder how much he fills out.

Here we get several looks at his swing from March 2015 courtesy of Craig Goldstein and Baseball Prospectus

I’ll be seeing Hickory a lot this Summer.  Yrizarri is going to be an interesting player to watch develop, there’s a lot to work with.  He’s a strong young man but it’s too soon to say how much power he’ll get into the games.  I still need to see if he can pick up spin before I can grade the hit.  In another month or two I’ll be back with a full scouting report but I wanted to post my initial thoughts.

I’ll be back tomorrow or Thursday with a scouting report for Lexington’s Foster Griffin.




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