Why Single-A?

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Why Single-A?  It’s a piece I’ve been thinking about for a while, it’s not an accident that I chose to write exclusively about the Sally. It’s not just because of geographic location (although that helps).  Full season Low-A offers some unique challenges for the players from the college draftees who better destroy the level or risk being left behind, to the teenagers who are facing much older competition and a 140 game season.  Most of course won’t make it to the show which leads me to my number one reason for only writing about the Sally.

I love this level of minor league baseball because they’re kids right out of rookie ball and the book hasn’t been written yet about any of them.  There is pedigree with top draft picks and high end International talent here.  But for the other 90-95% this is where they begin to make a name for themselves.  If I go to a double-A game I know who to look for, for the most part.  It’s still good but it’s different.  Who will be this years breakout stars?  The 4th rounder, the 13th rounder, the 22nd rounder, the 30th rounder?  It’s a mystery and I’m always excited to see it unfold.



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