1st annual support the site fund raiser

Anderson Espinoza courtesy of snapshots.blogs.goupstate.com

Hey guys, this is my 1st annual fund drive to help counteract the costs that I’ll be incurring this baseball season.  This will be a March ritual here at notes from the Sally.

As many of you know this is a scouting site and I only do live in person scouting.  I have set the goal to see every team in the SAL three times in 2016, so that’s a minimum of 42 games this season and I think that number will be closer to 50 by the time September rolls around.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining, I love to do this, it’s my passion.  But I can certainly use your help to defray the costs of the thousands of hours of work I put into all this.

When I started this site back in August I had three options to help offset the costs.

  1. Put it behind a paywall – I’d prefer not to do that
  2. Bring in advertising – Not a fan, almost always looks tacky and takes away from the site
  3. Do an annual support the site fund drive.

If you enjoy the site and the content please click the link and support the site via PayPal.  I will put every dollar raised to good use. Thanks.

For those that were having trouble with the PayPal link, I switched to a different plug in so it should be good to go now thanks.

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