Previewing the 2016 Greensboro Grasshoppers

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Continuing with the 2016 SAL team previews here’s my look at the Greensboro Grasshoppers.

The Grasshoppers are a Miami Marlins franchise and when putting this preview together I scoured the Batavia Muckdogs and the GCL Marlins rosters.  I then reached out to baseball writer and Marlins prospector David Marcillo (on Twitter @DavidMarcillo77).  You can find David’s work at, and  David was a big help in regards to the way the Marlins handle promotions in the low minors and assigning the kids to different levels.  He was very gracious with his time and I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to him again.

David said: “As far as I can tell, almost all Marlins high school draft picks start off in the Gulf Coast League. This is true about their most recent picks like Josh Naylor, Tyler Kolek, Isaiah White, and Justin Cohen. They will usually have the players play whatever is left of the season after they sign with the GCL team. The following year, they will usually play for Batavia, with some top prospects like Kolek skipping to head straight to Greensboro. As far as college guys go, they seem to start out in Batavia and then play in Greensboro the following year. In recent drafts, the Marlins have gone with long-term upside over immediate impact players, so I figure that might be why they are moving them along slowly. I can’t recall any draftees going straight to Jupiter, but I also can’t recall any Marlins draftees considered “almost ready” like a Carlos Rodon or Brandon Finnegan”.

The official rosters won’t be available until early April so this is me speculating.

Notes from the Sally is a scouting site and once I see Greensboro which I tentatively set for May 28 and again on June 7th you can expect write ups on most of the players.


1B) Josh Naylor

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Naylor-Age 18, listed 6’1″ 225 lbs. The Marlins 1st round draft pick hails from Ontario Canada.  He handles the bat well and has plus raw power.  He has a pretty advanced bat for an 18 year old and I think there’s a great chance he reaches Greensboro this year.


LHP) Brett Lilek

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Lilek- Age 22, listed 6’4″ 194 lbs. The Marlins 2nd round selection out of Arizona State University. He features a low to mid 90’s fastball and mixes in a slider and change.  He has the potential to be a fast mover.

RHP) Cody Poteet

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Poteet- Age 21, listed 6’2″ 183 lbs. The Marlins 4th round selection was drafted out of UCLA. Poteet like Lilek is known to have good command of the ball.  He throws a low to mid 90’s with a curve and change.  Poteet could also be a fast mover.

LHP) Justin Jacome

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Jacome- Age 22, listed 6’6″ 230 lbs.  The Marlins 5th round selection played for UC Santa Barbara.  He throws a high 80’s to low 90’s fastball, mixes in a curve, slider and change.

CF) Isaiah White

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White – Age 19, listed 6′ 170 lbs.  The Marlins 3rd round selection out of high school in Wilson, NC.  White is a young, toolsy,  high ceiling player that’s a little on the raw side. This is the type of player that will likely spend some time in Batavia.  We might see White toward the end of the year in Greensboro, though 2017 is more likely.

Around the diamond


The Marlins have some interesting young backstops in the low minors starting with 2014 1st rounder Blake Anderson who’s shown good receiving skills and a plus arm who hasn’t hit yet.  Roy Morales, still new to the position, has looked good and has hit, but without much power.  Others in the mix:  at catcher are late round draftees Korey Dunbar and Brad Haynal.  Haynal has also seen some time at 1st base.  A couple of more interesting catchers that played at the GCL level are 6th round pick Justin Cohen and Dominican Pablo Garcia but they’re likely both headed for Batavia.


Middle Infield

Shortstop Anfernee Seymore has some promise.  Others in the mix at the middle infield spots, are later round draft picks Giovanny Alonzo, Taylor Munden, Alex Fernandez and Joe Chavez.  Many of these guys have seen time at 3rd base as well.  The wild cards here are shortstops Samuel Castro and Garvis Lara who will likely start the year at Batavia, but both are interesting.


Corner Infield

In addition to Josh Naylor other candidates for 1st base include Erwin Almonte, Eric Fisher, Luis Munoz and Angel Reyes (Reyes also saw time at 3rd base)

There’s no leading candidate for third base in addition to the others mentioned. Ryan Kranmer will likely also see time there.



Stone Garrett will be a player to watch in center field, others in the mix in the outfield are returnee Isael Soto, Galvi Moscat, Kyle Barrett, Brandon Rawe, Cameron Newell and Travis Brewster.  The wild cards in addition to Isaiah White are Jhonny Santos and Terry Bennett.


Starting Pitcher

In addition to Brett Lilek, Cody Poteet and Justin Jacome, are Jordan Holloway, Scoitt Squire and Gabriel Castellanos.  The wild cards are 8th rounder Chris Paddack, Ryan McKay and Jose Diaz.


The Marlins were a fun system to explore and there will be quite a bit of talent coming through Greensboro in 2016 and 2017.

I’ll be back soon with a look at the 2016 Greenville Drive, Cheers.



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