Scouting Malquin Canelo

Courtesy of Flickr
Courtesy of Flickr

I’m continuing to work my way through the shortstop position and the Sally had a lot of talent there.  Here’s my look at Malquin Canelo (age 21)  talented shortstop in the Phillies system, he’s listed at 5’10 156 lbs I’d guess he’s 5-10 pounds heavier than that.  He bats and throws right.

Canelo was signed by the Phillies out of the Dominican Republic in 2012.  I first heard of Canelo last year because his glove was getting good reviews.  I was looking forward to seeing him in action.

Canelo’s got some wiry strength to him and there’s a little more room to fill out but i think he’s destined to remain thin.  At the dish he has an upright closed stance, a fast level swing and he’s short to the ball.  He’s an aggressive hitter and makes good contact, he shows good barrel control and he sprays the ball all over the yard.  With his current approach he likely won’t walk much or strikeout much.   40 current hit, potential 50-55  (.270-.280).  Here we get a good look at the swing courtesy of Baseball Prospectus.

Canelo’s swing right now is nearly all upper body, he doesn’t incorporate his lower half much at all.  Combine that with his level swing and smallish frame and he’s got potential 35 game power, single digit home runs with a lot of doubles and triples.  That’s with no adjustments if he starts incorporating  his lower half those numbers should climb.

Batted ball rates courtesy of MLB Farm

Canelo was with the Lakewood Blue Claws from Opening day through the All Star break in late June upon which he was promoted to Clearwater in the Florida St League.  For this scouting report I’ll be focused on the batted ball data he accumulated while in Lakewood.

vs RHP (161 balls put in play) 38% ground ball, 34% fly ball, 22% line drive, 6% pop up. With 7% walk and 13% strikeout. .195 ISO.

Canelo sprays the ball around vs RHP but favors the center of the diamond.  All of his power is to his pull side and all 6 of his home runs came vs RHP.

vs LHP (78 balls put in play) 50% ground ball, 24% fly ball, 22% line drive, 4% pop up. With 8% walk and 14% strikeout. .76 ISO

Canelo is more of a pull hitter vs LHP although he did hit quite a few lazy fly balls to shallow right field.   A sign that he might have been over swinging. (Most of the fly balls to right were early).

Canelo has plus speed but he needs to continue to work on reading pitchers and getting good jumps to maximize the stolen base threat.  An aggressive runner Canelo will take an extra base.

Canelo’s carrying tool right now is his glove, he looks super smooth out there and he’s got a great first step, good hands 60 glove, He’s got plenty of arm for the position but he has a side arm release and it’s occasionally erratic 60 arm strength 50 accuracy.

Canelo is a nice young player I enjoyed watching him man the shortstop position. He’ll be a player I’ll be keeping an eye on if he starts incorporating his lower half he’ll be putting a charge into a few more baseballs.


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  2. He had a nice season in 2015 between two clubs. Nice stats, a little down when he went to FSL,the FSL league is known as a pitchers League,so the pitching he faced down there was probably a bit tougher. Something that stood out to me was the 92 Ks in 559 ABs. In time learning the strike zone and having better plate coverage hopefully will cut down those Ks and get him more Basehits and or walks and with that his On Base will go up some. Seems to be a bit of a free swinger at times, but he is a young guy. I like his swing, not much movement and not a lot of moving parts. Maybe 2nd base down the road? Has to fill out some and cut back on those 25 errors last season

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