Scouting Ozzie Albies

Ozhaino (Ozzie) Albies

courtesy of MILB

Albies age 18, is listed at 5’9″ 150 lbs, 5’9″ is probably a little generous, he bats both and throws right.

Albies was one of the more exciting prospects in the Sal this season and also one of the youngest, playing the entire season as an 18 year old (3 years younger than the Sal league average).

He has the same pre pitch set up from both sides of the plate. He has an upright closed stance and keeps his hands high and in a forward position he utilizes a high leg kick. As he starts to stride toward the baseball his bat eases back into position (I saw some video of Albies from 2013 and when he set up the bat was already in position) I suspect the adjustment allows him to stay back a hair longer and let the ball travel a bit deeper.


Batted Ball Rates:

For the purpose of this scouting report I’ll be looking at batted ball rates from April – June. I got one last look at him in the middle of July and he looked totally gassed and he slumped badly during that month. He fractured his thumb at the beginning of August and was done for the year. He’s an 18 year old kid who’s going to get stronger, putting any kind of weight on July’s numbers isn’t going to tell us much except that he needs to get stronger.

Batted Ball rates courtesy of MLB Farm

As a LHH vs RHP)  60% Ground ball, 25% Line Drive, 14% Fly Ball, 12% BB, 14% Strikeout. .28 ISO.

As expected he puts a lot of balls on the ground and he favors up the middle and the left side of the diamond, as he gets stronger he’ll be peppering the 7-8 gap with line drives for doubles and triples.

As a RHH vs LHP)  56% Ground Ball, 24% Fly Ball, 19% Line Drive, 4% BB, 16% Strikeout. .23 ISO.

Definitely a different hitter right now right handed, more aggressive, nearly all of his ground balls are to his pull side and he puts a lot more balls in the air many of which were lazy fly balls to right field (A sign that he was over swinging, worth noting that nearly all of the pop flies to right were early).

He has a short, fast, level swing and he has a knack for getting the barrel to the ball. With his bat speed and barrell control Albies has the potential to be a double plus hitter, though the more likely outcome is he’s a 60-65 bat.  He won’t hit for much over the fence power, his game is spraying sharp grounders and low line drives all over the diamond. As he gets stronger he’ll be peppering the gaps for doubles and triples. I’d rate his current raw power and game power at 30, with the potential to be 35 raw and game power as he gets stronger and perhaps 40 eventually. His approach left handed is more refined and ideal for the style of hitter that he is (current 55 hit left handed). As the year went along he improved right handed but more line drives and fewer fly balls will be necessary (current 50 hit right handed).

Albies is a plus runner and an effective base stealer. He gets good jumps and reads pitchers well, especially when you factor in his youth.  He’s smart and aggressive on the bases and will take the extra base.

Defensively I got 4 different looks at him this year and I love the athleticism. Despite his size he has the range to handle the shortstop position and an average throwing arm. I previously graded his arm at 45 after a couple of looks. I’m revising the grade after a couple of additional looks. One ground ball in particular in the 5-6 hole that he made a nice play on and a strong throw had me rethinking it.


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  2. This is an extremely tough one. Mateo is part of my favorite team, while Albies is a fellow countryman.
    I’d go with Albies here. The guy is a slick fielder. He may be the new Andrelton Simmons for the Braves.

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