Roberto Ramos – The Big Man Has Skills

Power hitting 1st baseman Roberto Ramos in the Rockies system (Asheville)

photo courtesy pf ESPN deportes

Roberto Ramos is 20 years old and plays first base for the Asheville Tourists.  Bats left and throws right.  He’s listed at 6’5″ 220 lbs, I’d guess he’s 230+ but he appears to be in really good shape.  He has pretty fast bat and a long swing and he makes a surprising amount of contact for a big man (20% K rate). He’s shown on multiple occasions that he can hit the ball out to any part of the park and when he pulls one over the wall they’re no doubters.  He lets the ball travel deep and he uses an all field approach which is also a good sign for a big man as he’s shown to be a nice well rounded hitter, that does come at the expense of some of the power though.   I’ve seen about 15 at bats plus a few rounds of batting practice at this point.  He’s an impressive young hitter, not your typical slugger who’s just selling out for power.  He makes quite a bit  of early contact, not uber aggressive but not someone who’s working many counts either.

His ISO vs righties is .255 and vs lefties it’s .259 but he is striking out at a much higher clip vs south paws.  He may find himself as a platoon bat going forward.  Too early to say.  I’d rate the hit tool as 55 and the power as 70 raw but with his current approach 60 in game. Defensively he’s going to be  limited to 1st base/DH and he looks a little shaky around the bag, but he’s got time to work on that.

Ramos can punish a baseball but I’ve been impressed with his all around approach.  The Rockies may have struck gold with this 16th round pick.

Here’s a good example of Ramos’s opposite field power courtesy of minor league baseball.

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