A rare Friday indeed


For just the third time since the beginning of April. It’s Friday and I won’t be going to a game today.

Every Friday I’m off from my regular job  so I either walk a mile or so down to McCormick field to watch an Asheville Tourists game or I drive 65 miles down to Fluor field in Greenville to watch the Drive play.

Well both Asheville and Greenville are on the road tonight, so I thought maybe I’ll make a run over to Hickory to see the Crawdads, no dice,  they’re on the road too.

So what to do with all of this free time? Last Summer Jean and I bought an inflatable boat for the purpose of getting it out on the historic French Broad river and instead we’ve just looked at it in our apartment. Today might be a good day for that or last Christmas Jean bought me a new set of Golf clubs and I’ve mostly just looked at them in our apartment but maybe today or perhaps taking in lunch and a movie. Whatever it is I’m sure we’ll have fun but I’m also sure I’ll miss being at the ball field. No game until Tuesday when my friend and colleague Nick Melotte  (writer and manager at Minor League Ball) comes into town from Atlanta.

Have a great weekend everybody, It’s supposed to be excellent weather in the Western NC Mountains this weekend. I hope it’s nice where you are too.

I’ll be around this weekend. I plan to have a piece up on Stephen Tarpley. Also working on a piece showing how loaded the Sally is with top prospects and breakouts in 2015

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